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Good Morming, 

how can I arrive to my hotel (bussiness inn sennichimae from kansai international airport? the hotel told me that The nearest station is Nihonbashi Station, but I can't put in in Hyperdia.

I can take a train, a subway or a bus, but with the lagguages I couldn't walk so much. thank you!

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Business Inn Sennichimae Hotel is located a few blocks north-east of Nankai Namba Station. 


Take Nankai Airport Express from Kansai Airport directly to Nankai Namba Station.


Walking to the hotel from Nankai Namba Station will take around 15 minutes. If you have heavy luggage and prefer to take a taxi it will cost around 1000 yen.


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thank you so much. 

Nihonbashi Station indicated from my hotel's staff (or nipponbashi, is there an error?) is a subway, is it true?

so, can I take a subway from namba station for arrive nearest businness hotel? for not walk 15 minutes.... or is it difficult?

thanks again

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Business Inn Sennichimae Hotel is near Nippombashi subway station, but this station is not on Midosuji line that is connected to Nankai Namba station.
It will be easier to walk or take a taxi than to transfer to subway from Nankai Airport Express.

Here are walking directions from Google maps (10 minutes): https://goo.gl/maps/rtz5i3HQzxC2

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