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  1. thanks. could you tell me time table of kansai airport limousine, please? I will arrive in Osaka at 17.50. thank you
  2. In my travel, I will arrive to Osaka and so I will buy a icoca card. Is it possible for me use it in all my holiday in others place? (Koyasan, kyoto, hiroshima, miyajima, beppu, nara, kanazawa and tokyo) or I have to buy pasmo or suica. I will come back to italy from tokyo and not from osaka. Can I back my icoca card and to have my money in tokyo too? Thank you so much
  3. I have a question about the free service reservation seats with jrp. my problem is if I reserved two seats for us but then I lose a train that you had booked, how is it done? For example I book the return train from himeji to kyoto of 18.04, but once on site the visits last longer than expected and I arrive late at the station. how does it work? I have to pay a new train? thank you
  4. Could you tell me, please, how can I arrive in arrow hotel by train from international airport? thank you so much
  5. is this train "Kintetsu Nara Line Rapid Exp. for KINTETSUNARA" incluse in jrp? when I see in Hyperdia I have to put off only NOZOMI / MIZUHO / HAYABUSA (SHINKANSEN) or private rails too?
  6. Could you tell me how can I go from my hotel to the castle? by metro or train? wich is the better? thank you
  7. Thank you so much. Could you tell me please the exit from namba station?
  8. Hello, how can I get from Koyasan to Kyoto? The train line will be ok on July? thank you so much
  9. Hello, how can i get to umeda sky builbing from business inn semmichimae hotel? Could I go in the evening? thank you so much
  10. Dear Sir, I found a hotel near this station, but I don't understand if from there can I go in other places in Tokyo and to station train to go or example Kamakura, nikko.... Which line can I find there? thank you
  11. Dear Sir, i would like to know the easier way to go from Koysan to Kyoto, on July 15th. I know now there are sostitutive buses, but on July I hope everthing is ok. So, how can I do? to go from Osaka to Koyasan I saw in Hyperdia. is it correct? but I can't find a simply wai to go from Koyasan to Kyoto. thank you so much
  12. stefania

    Mount Koya

    but do you think that on July is train from osaka to koyasan already ok? thank you
  13. thank you so much. Nihonbashi Station indicated from my hotel's staff (or nipponbashi, is there an error?) is a subway, is it true? so, can I take a subway from namba station for arrive nearest businness hotel? for not walk 15 minutes.... or is it difficult? thanks again
  14. Good Morming, how can I arrive to my hotel (bussiness inn sennichimae from kansai international airport? the hotel told me that The nearest station is Nihonbashi Station, but I can't put in in Hyperdia. I can take a train, a subway or a bus, but with the lagguages I couldn't walk so much. thank you!