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  2. Luggage

    According to JR regulations, each passenger may bring up to two pieces of luggage onto trains, not including smaller bags. Each piece of luggage may not weight more than 30kgand its three dimensions (length, width and depth) may not add up to more than 250cm, while its length may not exceed 200cm. Local trains may be crowded during rush hour. If you have Japan Rail Pass you can get reserved seats on Thunderbird limited express from Osaka to Kyoto, or Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to Kyoto. Ther are also several luggage delivery companies that will pickup luggage from your hotel in Osaka and deliver it directly to your hotel in Kyoto.
  3. Luggage

    We will travel from osaka to kyoto and we have travel luggage is there any limits in bringing luggages in trains? Thank u
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  5. osaka to kyoto - kyoto to osaka

    You can find information about all the ways to travel from Osaka to Kyoto on this page: Yes, you can use ICOCA, or any other IC card, in Kyoto. All local IC cards in Japan can be used in other regions.
  6. Best Pass for Multiple Trips to KIX

    Nankai All Line 2 day pass will work for your trips to the airport, but it only covers Airport Express (base fare), for Rapi:t you will need to pay additional Limited Express surcharge of 510 yen one way. With this pass two return journeys to the airport on two separate days on Airport Express will cost you 2,000 yen (500 per ride). Without a pass two return journeys will cost you 3,680 on Airport Express (920 per ride) and 5,720 on Rapi:t (1,430 per ride). There are other discount tickets available for Rapi:t, some of them have to be purchased outside Japan:
  7. Best Pass for Multiple Trips to KIX

    I will be arriving in Osaka on Nov. 24 and will be going from KIX to Tengachaya Station. My parents will arrive on Nov. 25 and I will be picking them up from KIX and then we will go back to Tengachay. My parents will leave November 30 and I'll drop them off at KIX then go back. Is there a pass I can use for going back and forth to KIX? I saw a pass called NANKAI ALL LINE 2day Pass that has unlimited rides on all Nankai lines and can be used on non-consecutive days. Does that work on the Airport Express or Rapi:t trains?
  8. hi! we will be travelling to osaka this november. on our 3rd day we will go to kyoto. what train are we going to ride when we're going to kyoto (morning - arashiyama then afternoon fushimi inari shrine). then going back to osaka as well. also can i use the Icoca card in kyoto? will be staying near the imamiya station in osaka. thank you.
  9. From Sapporo to Tokyo by Shinkasen

    Thank you for the information
  10. kansai airport to imamiya

    thank you for your reply. so I can get off at shin-imamiya, i thought i can only alight at namba station. I'm also considering the Nankai Airport Express but wifey wants to seat comfortably while on the train, lol!
  11. kansai airport to imamiya

    The train fare for Nankai Rapit is the same to Shin Imamiya and Nankai Namba - ¥ 1,430. You can buy a ticket to Namba and get off at Shin Imamiya. Regular Nankai Airport Express takes about the same time and it's a little cheaper at ¥920, but the seats are not as comfortable as Rapit. You can find more information about Rapit and Airport Express on this page:
  12. hi! we will be traveling to osaka on november. our hotel is near imamiya station. I’m planning to ride the Limited Express rapi:t from kansai airport then drop at shin-imamiya but the ticket that i saw online that i can bought is up to namba station. my question is, is there any online ticket where i can buy for limited express rapi:t from kansai airport to shin-imamiya because the only train that i saw is the nankai - limited express. thank you!
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  14. Booking a sagano railway ticket

    November is the peak season for this area. Tickets are usually booked months in advance. You can try one of the Japanese travel agencies like JTB of HIS. They have local branches in many countries.
  15. Booking a sagano railway ticket

    Hello everybody, I am traveling to Osaka in November and I really want to get two sagano railway tickets. The problem is that you can only book in Japan. The tickets are already sold out till 14 november and i'm afraid everything will be sold out when we arrive in Japan (7 november). Is there a possiblilty to call big stations or travel agencies in Japan to book the tickets online? I hope someone can help, Alexandra
  16. From Sapporo to Tokyo by Shinkasen

    Your schedule looks fine. Transfers at Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto are very quick and the station is designed to make transfers easy. It will take not more than 5 minutes to transfer from an arriving local train to shinkansen. You will just need to pass through ticket gates on the same platform. You can find a station layout map on this page: You will need to make reservations for the entire journey with your JR Pass. We suggest you make reservations as early as possible after arriving in Japan. With a JR Pass you can make reservations at any JR tickets office at any station, including New Chitose airport and Sapporo Station.
  17. We are familes 4 adult planning visit Sapporo on next January. On January 4th, 2018 morning from Sapporo will go to Tokyo by Shinkasen (use JR pass). We want to know time need to transfer from local trans station to Shinkasen Station. Is it ok if our schedule as below : · 09.30 Shin Sapporo naik LTD. EXP HOKUTO 8 (Departure Track no 8) · 13.07 Shin Hakodate Hokuto · 13.35 Shinkasen HAYABUSA 24 (departure track no. 11) Do we need make a reservation at Shin Sapporo Station for all the train we will use ? Thanks
  18. kansai airport to namba station

    The last Rapit service departs from Kansai Airport at 23:00 on weekdays. There are several Airport Express trains after that until 23:55. You can find more details about Nankai Kansai Airport services here: and a full schedule here:
  19. kansai airport to namba station

    hi sir i would like to know if i were to purchase limited express rapid T ticket on line through kanku webtoku ticket , i am only allow to select the date of using the train service so what about time ? is it upon reaching the exchange counter than i will be issue a ticket with timing ? my plane will land around 2130 , will there be enought time to catch the rapid b to NAMBA ? thanks david
  20. Sunrise Seto/Izumo Cancelled From Dec 17

    We also couldn't find any confirmation that Sunrise Seto has been cancelled. The schedule is still available on Jorudan. We will monitor the news on this topic and post an update if anything comes up.
  21. Does anyone know if the Sunrise Seto has been cancelled from the end of the year? Upto last weeks timetable update on Hyperdia the train was still showing as running in Jan/Feb '18 but now it doesnt appear in searches for any date in 2018 that I can see, (still showing as running for the remainder of 2017). I cant find any information about it being cancelled online anywhere and would have thought as the last standard sleeper service in Japan this would have been newsworthy.
  22. The route mark on the train type display.

    Some services run along the Osaka Loop Line for only part of their route. That's why they don't carry the "O" code for the Loop Line, but the code for the line of their ultimate destination. Here is a route map of all the lines with the letter codes:
  23. Destination of Kansai Airport Rapid Service.

    Thanks above for Michael and the administrator's reply!
  24. Destination of Kansai Airport Rapid Service.

    Yes, that's right (though your diagrams indicate the opposite). The train bound for Osaka/Kyobashi joins the Osaka Loop Line at Tennoji then continues on to Osaka Station before terminating at Kyobashi. The train bound for the Osaka Loop Line joins the Osaka Loop Line at Tennoji and then traverses the entire line in a complete loop, stopping at Osaka and Kyobashi on the way, before returning to its final destination at Tennoji. I hope that helps. Best wishes, Michael
  25. Destination of Kansai Airport Rapid Service.

    Does the train for "Osaka Loop Line" destination (環状線行き) arrives at Tennoji -> Osaka -> Kyobashi -> Tennoji and terminates there? And destination "Osaka/ Kyobashi" (大阪/京橋行き) arrives at Tennoji -> Osaka -> Kyobashi and terminates there? Thanks!
  26. The route mark on the train type display.

    (The photos are searched from the internet for illustration only. All of the copyrights belong to the publisher and the content creator. No copyright infringement intended.)
  27. Hi everyone, There are many routes with their alphabet (mark), like "A" for JR Kobe Line, JR Kyoto Line, etc, and "O" for Loop Line, as well as "R" for Hanwa Line and etc... There is a display on the train showing which type of service (like Special Rapid Service 新快速, Local 普通, etc). I wonder why are there so many types of combination for a same service, like "O"/"S" for the same type 関空快速 (Special Rapid Service), and "O"/"Q" for the same 大和路快速 (Yamatoji Rapid Service), and "O"/"P" for the same 普通 (Local) within the Loop Line, what are the differences for the different Alphabet next to the train type (種別)? Any ideas are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!
  28. Destination of Kansai Airport Rapid Service.

    Departing from Kansai Airport Station the Kansai Airport Rapid Service follows the Kansai Airport Line to Hineno Station, and then follows the Hanwa Line to Tennoji Station. From Tennoji Station the train then follows a clockwise course around the Osaka Loop Line, stopping first at Osaka Station, before reaching Kyobashi Station. Some trains terminate at Kyobashi Station and others continue on to complete the circle at Tennoji Station.
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