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  2. Japan Station

    Osaka airport to Amore Matsuyamachi II apartment

    Take Nankai Airport Express from Kansai Airport directly to Nankai Namba Station. From Nankai Namba Station walk around 20 minutes. If you have heavy luggage and prefer to take a taxi it will cost around 1000 yen.
  3. Good Morming, How can I arrive to Amore Matsuyamachi II Apartment from Kansai International Airport? I noted the nearest station is Nihonbashi Station
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  5. Japan Station

    Ueno metro station ticket office

    Here is a map of the JR Station. Read the Transfers section about transferring to the subway lines: This a map of the subway stations where you can find the ticket office.
  6. We will be arriving at Ueno station on the Hokuriku shinkansen and need to find our way to the Ueno Metro station ticket office. I have found a map online that is for the Ueno JR station but have no idea how to get to the Ueno Metro station, let alone find the ticket office. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  7. Japan Station

    Tozai Line to Keihan Keishin Line

    On Google Maps you can check the train schedule on the date and time when you plan to travel, you will see the departure time and the stations where a particular train will stop. Hyperdia will also show which train will continue to your destination.
  8. Hello, We are travelling in Kyoto this February 2019 and would like to ask a question about Tozai Line continuing to Shinomiya Station via Keihan Keishin Line. When you check google maps for directions from Shijo Station to Shinomiya Station, it will tell you to take Karasuma Line and then Tozai Line, but in Tozai Line, it says that it will continue to Keihan Keishin Line without the need to switch trains. My question is how will I know what train to take? Thank You!
  9. Thanks for the confirmation. Glad to know I can get on the train from Tengachaya after I redeem ticket from Nankai Namba Station Service Center (2F).
  10. Please refer to our Guide to Lost and Found in Japan for information about recovering lost property:
  11. I left my IPhone X Black color on the shinkansen hakutaka 561 car no.4 from toyama 13.58 to Kanazawa station 14.20, when i go back to the train the door close, but my phone inside, I reported the lost phone to the train conductor who then called the Kanazawa Station Authorities and notified me that my phone had been "found" Could you please help me, Now i stay in osaka at hotel candy hall 4 night, hotel address hotel candy hall, Tennoji-ku Uehonmachi 5-5-15, 543-0001 OSAKA japan My email : Sincerely Atchara sangkhapan
  12. Japan Station

    Kanku Webtoku: Stopping at Tengachaya Possible?

    Please note that Kanku Webtoku voucher can only be exchanged at Nankai Namba Station Service Center (2F). You cannot exchange the voucher for a ticket at Namba station (3F) and other stations such as Shin-imamiya sta. Tengachaya sta. and so on. After the voucher is exchanged for a ticket you can take the actual train from any station, including Tengachaya.
  13. Hi Station Master I have no idea how easy is it to walk from Nippombashi to Nankai Namba Station. Hence, I plan to take subway from Nippombashi to Tengachaya station to ride the Nankai Ltd Exp Rapid. Could you please confirm if this Kanku Webtoku discount ticket allow me to get on from Tengachaya station?
  14. Japan Station

    Luggage Delivery Service

    Yes, there is a luggage delivery service at Kanazawa Station. Contact the Tourist Information Center near the station’s East Exit. Luggage sent to other cities is usually delivered on the next day.
  15. Julian

    Luggage Delivery Service

    HI, is there any luggage delivery services from Kanazawa Station to Toyama Station or hotel in Toyoma? Thank you for your time
  16. Joanie Campsie

    Beware Nankai Express Bus Company!

    Our family had reserved three seats from Kyoto to Narita on Jan 21, 2019, to depart from the G3 bus stop as advised at 22:15 and to arrive at Narita Airport Terminal 1 at 0656.. The bus never showed up and caused us to miss our connecting flight to Seoul on Jan 22. It was too late for us to try to get into Tokyo via the Shinkansen by then. This bus company cost us not only an extra night in a hotel in Kyoto but we would now have to spend time and money in changing our flight from Tokyo to Seoul. Extremely frustrating!! Stay away from this bus company!
  17. Staying in the Bunkyo area (Ochanomizu) and wondering about transport to Tokyo Dome for baseball as well as any other input others can share! Go Mariners! Go Giants! Map are deceiving and it's hard to tell if it is a walkable distance.
  18. Is it necessary to travel to Shinjuku from Narita Airport and take second train to Ochanomizu?
  19. Japan Station

    Haneda to Asakusa

    If you use separate tickets then you will need to exit ticket gates at Sengakuji and re-enter with Tokyo Subway pass. If you buy the special Weclome Tokyo subway pass you can stay on the train all the way to Asakusa.
  20. Ying

    Haneda to Asakusa

    Thank you for the reply. However, can I stay on the train all the way to Asakusa if I use the Keikyu line ticket from Haneda to Sengakuji and have the Tokyo Subway pass or must I get out at Sengakuji and then get back in again using the Subway pass?
  21. Japan Station

    Haneda to Asakusa

    There is a special Welcome Tokyo Subway pass that includes Keikyu line one way or return from/to Haneda Airport and unlimited travel on Tokyo subway lines for 24, 48 or 72 hours. You can find the details on this page:
  22. Ying

    Haneda to Asakusa

    I want to know the answer to the question as well as it will be a saving of a couple hundred yens if the subway pass was used at the same time.
  23. Boofit

    JR Pass questions

    Hello, I would be grateful if you could help me with some questions. First, let me tell you about my rough itinerary: Day 1 - arrive in KIX, travel to Tennoji where I will be staying. Day 2 - sightseeing in Osaka Day 3 - travel to Kyoto (to see sakura blossoms) Day 4 - travel to Kyoto (shrines etc) Day 5 - travel to Nara Day 6 - travel to Himeji Day 7 - take train from Tennoji to KIX in the evening Question 1: Should I get the JR pass? What about the ICOCA-HARUKA pass? What is the relationship between the two and if they are different, what is the suggestion on which pass to use? Is there any other pass that is convenient to use? Question 2: Since the trains may be crowded, I would like to reserve a seat (because I have sciatica and standing for long periods of time is a problem for me). Can I buy reserved seats, or Green Car seats for my JR Pass (or any other pass)? Where do I go to get such a Pass or where to go to reserve the seats please? Question 3: I understand the JR pass does not cover subway trains. If I am correct, any suggestion on what pass to get for the subways for Kyoto and Osaka? Question 4: Does the JR pass cover travel on the Shinkansen? Are there any trains in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara that it does NOT cover? Many thanks for your help! And best wishes for health and happiness!
  24. Zhao Yi

    Overnight train

    Hi, thanks for reply. May i know how long will it take for me to activated the JR pass ? If I purchase the JR pass online and come with a exchange order, then i ask my friends that will travel early before me to exhange the JR pass on behalf on me and make the overnight train reservation using my JR pass, is it possible? May i know i can make the reservation how many days in advance from the travel date for the overnight train? This JR pass is it only can be activated on the day where i want to start my journey with it or i can activate it like one month earlier and started my journey within the one month activation? By the way, may i know how frequent was the Shinkansen train? Can i directly take the train with my JR pass without any reservation? Will it possible that the seats all sold out ? Thanks in advance.
  25. Japan Station

    Overnight train

    It is not possible to make a reservation without an actual activated JR Pass and the person who's name is on the pass. It is possible to buy tickets at a ticket counter in advance with cash. You will not get your money back with a JR Pass. The last Shinkansen train of the day from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo depart around 8:30pm. Another alternative is to spend the night in Osaka and take a Shinkansen train to Tokyo in the morning. The first train departs around 6am.
  26. Japan Station

    Kansai thru pass can go sanyo shinkansen kobe to osaka?

    Kansai Thru Pass only covers non-JR lines, it does NOT cover Shinkansen lines. The shinkansen bullet train travels between Shin-Kobe Station and Shin-Osaka Station in just 13 minutes. An unreserved ticket costs 1,500 yen and a reserved seat costs 2,890 yen. Infants (up to 5 years old) travel for free with no reserved seat. Child (6 to 11 years old) fares are 50 % of the adult price.
  27. Dear Please help to let me know I have Kansai thru pass ticket and travel to Kobe, I would like to use sanyo shinkansen from shin-kobe to shin-osaka, then it can use free or need to buy another ticket, if need to buy, how much I need to pay per an adult and per child (3 year -old, and 6 year-old). Thank you HUY
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