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  2. At the moment there is no reservation service for oversized luggage. There will be special luggage area on shinkansen trains with reservations starting from May 2020. You can find more information in this article: We suggest using a luggage delivery service: Your hotel or a tourist information counter can assist you with sending your luggage. From Kyoto to Tokyo luggage is usually delivered on the next day.
  3. Greetings, I need to travel from Kyoto to Tokyo by train but have several oversized luggage pieces with me. Luggage: 1 x Rimowe Trunk - 60 lbs - 80cm L x 37cm D x 41cm W 2 x Pelican Cases - approx 25 lbs each - 56cm L x 23cm D x 36 cm W 1 x Tenda Case - 60 lbs - 27cm L x 27cm D x 99 cm W We don't mind paying for them, but I cannot seem to find out that we can take them or that we can pay for them to accompany. We are travelling from Canada and the trip to Tokyo will be on October 30 at night. I would like to pre-book and pre-pay if possible. If it is not possible, what is another option? Thanks so much, Mandy Kane
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  5. Many thx for your advice Japan Station Master.
  6. Nice to meet you It is a Myojo sightseeing bus that operates SKY BUS KYOTO. Thank you for introducing our SKY BUS as an article. This is a 4-hour bus tour of SKY BUS KYOTO introduced on the website, but the corresponding course is not currently operating. Many foreign customers visit the website of JAPAN STATION, but there are many inquiries about the 4-hour course. Please add a sentence such as "Currently this course is not in operation" or delete the article. Thank you.
  7. You can find the details about picking up tickets on this page:
  8. Kanazawa Station is not very complex to navigate. 8 minutes is enough to transfer from Ltd. Exp. Thunderbird to Shinkansen if you don't make any stops along the way. Look for the "Transfer Gate" from between local lines and the shinkansen platforms. Please refer to this article for station layout and transfer details: With a JR pass you can book seats any time after activating the pass. We recommend booking seats a few days in advance. This can be done at any JR ticket office in Japan.
  9. Ueno-Okachimachi Station on the Oedo Line is within walking distance from Keisei Ueno station, but it not a part of the same complex. It is about four city blocks away.
  10. Travel from Kyoto to Nozawa-Onsen Hi There, We will be travelling on Exp Thunderbird 1 from Kyoto to Kanazawa arriving on track 7 at 9.13am. Then we depart on track 14 for the Shinkansen Hakutaka 558 at 9.21am. This gives us exactly 8minutes to find track 14. Is this achievable and would anybody have an idea of which way to run lol. Also, with the JR Pass (purchased from overseas) are we booking the seats the day before? Thank you in advance. Annie
  11. Hello! This is great news. I am from the US, so does that mean that I do not need to be in Japan to reserve the seats? Can I also print the tickets after I make the reservations, and do I need to come to a ticket office in Japan to exchange whatever I print out as a reservation for actual tickets? Thank you so much!
  12. Hi.. Is there any direct access from Keisei- Ueno station to Oedo Line (Toei Line)? I have read the info that mentions direct access to Metro Subway Line (Ginza and Hibiya lines) only. But there is no info about access to Oedo Line. Thank you.
  13. You can take: JR KANSAI AIRPORT RAPID SERVICE for KYOBASHI from KIX to Hineno At Hineno transfer to LTD. EXP KUROSHIO to Shirahama For the schedule on your travel dates please check Hyperdia: AIRPORT&arv_node=SHIRAHAMA&via_node01=&via_node02=&via_node03=&year=2019&month=11&day=16&hour=09&minute=00&search_type=0&search_way=&transtime=undefined&sort=0&max_route=5&faretype=0&ship=off&lmlimit=null&search_target=route&facility=reserved&sum_target=7
  14. Hi Japan Station Master I am still waiting for your reply as I need to firm up my logistics. If there is no direct train from KIX to Shirahama Beach, what options do I have? Do I take bus to Wakayama, then train to Tanabe and bus to Shirahama? Thank you.
  15. I am traveling to Tokyo with my elderly father and would like to limit how far he has to walk from the Narita Express platform at Shibuya to a taxi. Can you recommend the shortest distance? Thank you!
  16. Twinkle Plaza at Hakodate Station is located right next to the JR ticket office at the main entrance. It's the door on the right in this photo:
  17. Please refer to out guide to Traveling Between Osaka and Kansai International Airport
  18. This is the Nankai Railway English language contact form:
  19. The trains run all day on January 1st. The few days around the New Year are a busy travel season in Japan. The tickets go on sale one month in advance. You can make reservations at any JR ticket office in Japan. We recommend booking your tickets with reserved seats as early as possible after your arrival in Japan. If you are from: United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia or Thailand you can also use this app to make reservations online in advance:
  20. Hi All, Traveled on 9/28 from Namba Station to KIX International Airport on RAPI:T but forgot to issue the ticket receipt where i need to reimburse the travel expenses with my company, who and how can i make this request to re-issue the receipt? Thank you !!!
  21. HI - we are planning to travel from Kyoto to Tokyo to catch a flight to Chicago departing at 6:45pm. Does anyone know if the trains run from Kyoto on Jan 1? And if so, is there a limited schedule and should we purchase tickets and reserved seats ahead (I am thinking yes), and if, so, what is the recommended best was to do so? Thanks so much!
  22. hello this is our first time to travel to osaka japan i am confused from kansai station how do we get to the hotel? by train by bus estimated time of arrival of plane in osaka is 7 00 pm plus immigration processes will take how long which budget/ economical/ cheap hotel would you recommend
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    Hello! Can I use the Shoryudo Highway Pass on this route below: Dec. 5 Day 1 - Chubu Central International Airport TO Nagoya Station Dec 6 Day 2 - Nagoya Station TO Takayama TO Shiwakawago back TO Nagoya Station Dec 7 Day 3 - Nagoya Station TO Chubu Central International Airport
  24. Hi I will be going to Shirahama Beach from Kansai International Airport. Could you advise me if there is direct JR train from KIX to Shirahama Beach without going north to Osaka city. If yes, how much is the train fare please. Thank you, kt
  25. Thank you! This is the information we're looking for! 🙂
  26. bonjour, quelqu'un peut-il m'expliquer la différence de couchage entre : - Researved seat - Solo - Single - Single twin - Single deluxe - Sunrise twin Merci beaucoup
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