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  2. Hello and good evening. May I asked some question regarding to Tokyo National Museum? If you dont mind, can I know what is the Mission and vision and also the objective of Tokyo National Museum?
  3. Can I park a car for two days at Shin-Osaka Train Station. If so, what is the cost?
  4. Does anyone kniw UF there us a website or into what trains can be used in Japan rail pass I get confused sometimes what are jr trains and what are owned by other companies so its hard to know iF you can use the pass or not
  5. Hi there, Could you please tell me what exit for the Esca shopping mall? I tried to look for it but couldnt find any information. If I stay at Marriott hotel, it should not be hard to get there from the station? Thank you
  6. Hello, During my stay in Kyoto end of March 2020 I saw an old lady collapsing just outside Kyoto station. Her husband and son (50 years old?) were with her but were in panic and couldn't get her up. It was fairly cold outside maybe 10 celsius. In an instant I run to her, picked the lady up and brought her in at one of the side entrances to the staion and laid her on a row of seats. Checked her heartbeat, we told her husband to call a doctor and we left. This thing has been nagging me for a whole month: what has become of the lady involved??
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