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  3. I know I'm much too late on this, but for anyone going to Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, then you should also consider Nara. It's also very easily accessible from Osaka, and has much more ancient history than Kyoto. You can take a guided tour of tombs, temples, or just nature there (free) using the app provided by the Nara Kofun and Heritage Foundation (link below)
  4. Hi, I read that the Nagoya Station has lockers, both on the Sakura-Dori side and the south east side (closer to the Hirokoji Ticket Gates), and they come in three sizes priced at 300, 500 and 600 yen (and 300, 400, and 700 yen respectively). Can you please tell the larger one size? I can't find it anywhere. Here I can found a "868 mm height x 355 mm width x 645 mm depth" but the last topic says that the size is wrong... Please help me, many thanks, best regards, Davide
  5. I will be in Kyoto on March 31 to April 6, 2020 I want to take a ride to a hello kitty train. Where will I go, which station and what time? Please give any details of the hello kitty train. Thank you very much
  6. Hello, I am arriving at HND airport and staying in Asakusa, Can I buy the 48 hours Tokyo Metro Pass at Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center? Thanks
  7. I will be in Tokyo during the Olympics,but I do not want to stay in the center of it all'There are 5 adults in my group. Does anybody know which city closest to Tokyo,has a station for the bullet? Would I be able to use this option in order to travel to the Budokan and the Olympic stadium? Anybody knows how long is this travel option going to take? Any other options someone can suggest?
  8. Here is the English language contact page on Hotel Kanazawa's website:
  9. Gold leaf is Kanazawa's specialty. You can find shops selling gold candy in the Kanazawa Hyakubangai shopping area at the station. For more information please visit this page: Kanazawa Hyakubangai – Shopping at Kanazawa Station
  10. I’m looking for this gate that starts with a Ton and it had little pikachus all over the name does anyone know what I’m talking about? I’m trying to find a friend and it’s starting to look hopeless thanks
  11. Hi all this has been a struggle and need help, some fare calculators don't have all the destinations I will use so if someone can help me I am truly grateful. So about 7 day JR pass do I need to use it in a row? or can I use it seven times or is it seven days in a row ? Thank you Narita - Tokyo Tokyo - Nikko - Tokyo Tokyo - Kamakura - Tokyo Tokyo - Gotemba Premium Outlets (Shizuoka) - Tokyo Tokyo - Kyoto Kyoto - Nara - Kyoto Kyoto - Osaka Osaka - Kansai Airport
  12. 5 years ago I bought 'gold candy' at Kanazawa station. It took me forever to find a shop that sold this, and no staffer had any idea where to send me. This year I'll have a stopover again and in order not to waste time, I'd like to know the name of the shop(s) that sell this candy. Anyone who can tell me? Thanks in advance!
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    Hello, My fiancé and I got engaged in Kyoto station, and it is a very special place for us. We would like to exchange rings in Kyoto station in the east square. This would take approximately 15 minutes and we would be a party of about six people. We would not play any music or make any loud noise. Would this be possible? Thank you very much.
  14. Does Osaka Bus line operate 24 hours? We'll arrive in Osaka KIX at 11pm, and take the Airport Shuttle bus to Osaka Station. However, the subway trains stop operating at 12am midnight. Can we take the city Bus around 1am from Osaka station to Namba? Our hotel is located at Namba, but the trains stop operating (12am) when we arrive in Osaka.
  15. Hello - I will be using Osaka as a base for 5-days. I plan to travel to Kyoto, Nara, Himeji, Okayama, Hiroshima and Miyajima. Should I get the Kansai Wide Area Pass ? thank you.
  16. Hai, im looking for whether i can reserve in advance ticket from takayama to nagoya through limited express wide view hida. From my browsing, some said it cant be bought from outside japan, but some said now it can. Can somebody tell me on where i can buy that ticket from overseas? Im planning to take last hida 20 on 11 february 2020, since it will be last train, im afraid i wont get any seat should i did not make any advance booking. Many thanks for your response🤗
  17. Any store recommendations for luxury vintage thrift shopping around shinsaibashi, dotonbori and namba area? Also, I’m interested with purikura. Where can I find these photo booths?
  18. Hello. My itinerary is Kansai Airport - Rinku Outlet - Namba - Shinsaibashi. I want to ride the Rapi:t express on my Rinku - Namba train journey. Are there any discounted tickets for this route? I only see discounted tickets for Kix - Namba but not for Rinku - Namba. Is it better to leave my luggage at the Rinku town station or the Rinku outlet while shopping?
  19. Hello, I will be travelling from Nagoya Station using the JR Limited Express Nanki to Kii-Katsuura Station in Wakayama on Sunday 3rd May 2020. This date is part of Golden Week and the public holiday of Memorial Day. Would I need to book a ticket on this train much earlier than this day that I am travelling? I am thinking it will be very busy for Golden Week and I don't want the reserved section to sell out, or worse, not being able to board the train at all. I can pass through Nagoya Station on the 26th or 30th April if I should reserve a ticket a week earlier, or should I somehow try and book a ticket even earlier? Thanks so much!
  20. Dear all, I will be ending my Shimanami Kaido cycling at Imabari Station, however I am concerned about the journey back to my accommodation in Osaka. 1) I am not able to find the English version of Shimanami Liner bound for Fukuyama station timetable, and afraid that I might miss the last bus. 2) If I could take Limited Express from Imabari Station to Takamatsu Station, and would prefer to take the Sunrise Seto from Takamatsu Station to Osaka Station. However my concern is that whether we are allowed to alight at Osaka Station or is it purely for boarding in Osaka Station? (heading towards Tokyo) Thank you.
  21. Dear Sir or Madam, SWISS International Airlines will start flying to Washington in March 2020. On we have a digital Travel Guide ( where we give an overview of all our destinations. We present the cities with facts and figures and offer tips about restaurants, hotels and much more. We would like to include the Museum of the National Bunraku Theatre in our Travel Guide for Osaka. For that, we would need some images of the museum and the permission to use them indefinitely. The pictures should be in landscape format with a minimum size of 1MB. It can be of the exterior or interior and it would be great if you could send us a selection of a few images. Below an example: Beside the picture we always display a short text with the description of the place. If you could provide us with such a text would be great. Otherwise I’ll write it myself. Of course, we also display the copyright. As I couldn't find an email address of the museum on the website of Japan Arts Council I am writing to you. I would be happy to hear from you soon. Thanks a lot in advance! Sincerely, Gioia Lindt Gioia Lindt Intern Content & Quality Management UX Design & Analytics SWISS Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. P.O. Box ZRHLX/KDE/YGII 8058 Zurich Airport Switzerland Phone SWISS.COM
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  23. It is possible to travel from Narita to Hokkaido in one day. You will need to take Narita Express to Tokyo Station and transfer to Hokkaido Shinkansen to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto. You can find the schedule on Hyperdia: Please note that the Shikansen arrives at Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto station near Hakodate city. Traveling to Sapporo takes another 3-4 hours. Please refer to this article for more information about Hokkaido Shinkansen – Traveling from Tokyo to Sapporo
  24. The station does not provide wheel chairs. The Shinagawa station is easy to navigate and the distance between Narita Express platform and the Shinkansen platform is not great. Please refer to this article for details: Transfers from Narita Express to the Shinkansen at Shinagawa Station
  25. Shizuoka Station has coin lockers to store luggage, but no baggage room.
  26. Hi, id like to know some info to Shizuoka Station. Do you have into the station a baggage room where i can leave the baggages for few hours and visit the area? tks Nicolò Castello
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