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  3. There is a Sagawa Cloak & Delivery counter inside the Tokyo Tourist Information Center on the 3rd floor at Basuta Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal. Open from 6:30am to 11:00pm. Contact details on this page:
  4. I would like to store a large suitcase for 4 days at Shinjuku Station. Lockers are only for 3 days, where can I store my bag?
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  6. Hi, is there any bus from Kanazawa to Ainokura Village in Gokayama ? How much is the ticket cost, for 1 way? I have JR PASS. How to book? Is there any online reservation ? Please also advise the bus time table, if any. Thank you. Maria
  7. I recently was at the Osaka Station North Gate and there was wonderful jazz flute music being played on the sound system in the walkway area. I wondered if anyone knows the name of the CD or musician to the music being played. Or whom I could write to at the station to find out.
  8. There are several car rental offices near Kyoto station. It is very easy to rent a car near Kyoto station. Here is our guide to renting a car in Kyoto:
  9. How easy or difficult is it to rent a car and drop off a rental car at Kyoto station
  10. You can use this form to send comments to JR West:
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  12. Hi I met very impolite service in the ticket office. Where can I highlight and send the compliant mail? Thanks
  13. JR Pass covers Hikari and Kodama shinkansen that run directly from Shin-Osaka to Odawara. With a JR Pass you can make seat reservations free at any JR ticket office. Hyperdia will show you the exact schedule on your travel date:
  14. I intend to purchase the 7 day pass for my trip in Japan. I need directions to travel from Shin Osaka to Odawara. Can I use the JR pass solely? where /which station do i transfer if any?
  15. Hello, I would like to gather some information relating to interest in rural Japan. People living in these areas have been negatively affected by Japan's declining birth rate as more and more people have been migrating to cities in order to find work. This means that local businesses have very few customers and are now interested in appealing to an international demographic. The survey places an emphasis on interest pertaining to working on Japanese farms as a volunteer. Thank you for your consideration.
  16. Please refer to our Guide to Lost and Found in Japan:
  17. I 've lost my luggage at the kyoto station luggage area( coin locker ) . My luggage's information is as the below attached reciept. I came back to Vietnam in the morning today because of the urgent work. Currently I cannot go directly to your office to retrieve my luggage. Please ask me to check my luggage and confirm to me that you are holding my luggage via emai. What email can i send to?
  18. The tickets are not sold on the train. You may be able to pay at the destination if you retain your JR ticket, but we would suggest purchasing a ticket first and taking the next train on IR Ishikawa Railway.
  19. There is a new Express Fuji Excursion train that runs directly from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko, but only in the morning (8:30 am and 9:30 am on weekdays, 7:35, 8:30 am and 9:30 am on weekends) You can find the schedule (including other connecting trains) for your travel dates on Hyperdia: There is also a direct bus from Shunjuku to Kawaguchiko:
  20. hi, we want to go to mt fuji. We go to shinjiku station by Narita express (NEX) with tokyo wide pass Could you info us what kind of train from shinjuku to kawaguchiko station ? and the platform number ? Thank you Rika
  21. Please refer to our Complete Guide to Lost and Found in Japan:
  22. Hi, I have left my daughter’s backpack in one of women restrooms in lower level in the Kyoto station. I went to the lost and found office within 30 minutes after that but they said they didn’t have any info yet.I hope somebody saw and returned it. My daughter’s backpack has scarf, iPhone 6plus S, portable phone charger and other sourvenir items she bought. She cried alot and I felt so bad for her. I’ll come back there 2 days to check at lost and found again.
  23. Hello, i have only 5 minutes to change between JR line and IR Ishikawa Railway . Can I buy a ticket in the train ? Thanks
  24. On weekdays the first Nankai Airport Express leaves Namba station at 5:15 am and arrives at Kansai Airport at 5:58 am. On weekends the first Nankai Airport Express leaves Namba station at 5:10 am and arrives at Kansai Airport at 5:55 am. After the first train there are regular services about every 20 minutes.
  25. Hi, i would like to check about the earlier trains at Namba station? As I need to reach Kansai airport by 7am. I'm thinking to take the Kansai International airport Limousine Bus from Herbis Osaka(Osaka Sta). So i need to take train from Nambe station to Nishi-Umeda Station . Any other recommendation way to reach Airport by early morning 7am? Thanks!
  26. Hi there, This appears to be the nearest Yamato service center to Shinjuku Station:,nm It's about a ten minute walk from the station. Here's a map of the location: Alternatively, you could have your luggage sent directly to your hotel. I hope that helps! Best wishes, Michael
  27. You can use an ICOCA card on all the services you mentioned, except Limited Express. Limited Express requires additional seat reservation charge. All other services have non-reserved seats.
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