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  2. Baggage stations

    Thank you very much! Such a big help!
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  4. Kyoto to Iiyama

    Unfortunately, our Japan Rail Pass calculator doesn’t include all the destinations in Japan, only the most popular ones. Traveling from Nagano to Iiyama on regular lines and Hokuriku Shinkansen is covered by the Japan Rail Pass. You can find the cost on Hyperdia and add it to the JR Pass calculator total.
  5. Kyoto to Iiyama

    I am travelling from Kyoto to Iiyama. When I go to the Japan Rail Value Calculator it does not allow me to go from Nagano to Iiyama, even though I can bring this route up on Hyperdia. Does that mean that the Nagano to Iiyama part of my trip is not covered by the Japan Rail Pass? Thanks.
  6. Baggage stations

    The best way to travel from Kansai Airport to Namba area (close to Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi) is Nankai Airport Express to Nankai Namba station: There are lots of coin lockers around Nankai Namba station, if your luggage doesn't fit in a locker, there is also a luggage storage facility nearby: Going to Kyoto from Namba you will need to take the Midosuji subway line to Umeda (connected to Osaka Station) or Shin-Osaka station and take a JR train to Kyoto from there.
  7. Baggage stations

    Hi! We will be arriving in Osaka at 1130am, January 28, our base is really Kyoto but would like to visit the dotonburi and shinshaibashi area before going to Kyoto. Which station should we go to from KIX? Namba? Is there a left luggage service in that station so we can go around the city? After which do we have to go back to Osaka station to get to Kyoto from namba station? Appreciate your reply. Thank you!
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  9. Kansai Airport to Mt. Koya

    Normally traveling from Kansai Airport to Koyasan takes about 2 hours via Nankai Airport Express and Nankai Koya Line Express. Some areas of Nankai Koya Line and the cable car are currently not accessible because of typhoon damage in 2017 and there is a substitute bus service running from Hashimoto to Koyasan station. Taking the substitute bus can extend the journey time by 1 to 2 hours. You can find more information about the substitute bus service here: Traveling from Osaka to Mount Koya (Koyasan) Returning from Koyasan you can take the substitute bus to Hashimoto Station and Nankai Koya Line to Namba Station, which is close to Dotonbori.
  10. Kansai Airport to Mt. Koya

    Hi, I am wanting to go to Mt Koya from Kansai airport. I am then wanting to go from Mt Koya to the Dontorini area. What is the fastest way and the best train/buses etc to do. I am trying to see if it is possible to do this in a day. arriving at the airport at 6am and leaving at 6pm. Thank-you! Ellie
  11. Tokyo-Nikko return

    Thank you so much for your help
  12. Tokyo-Nikko return

    If you are not taking Shinkansen the easiest will probably be to take a bus from Disneyland to Shinjuku (about 1 hour) and take a Spacia Kinugawa Limited Express to Nikko. However, Spacia Kinugawa from Shinjuku only runs four times per day (7:30, 10:30, 13:00 and 17:30 on weekdays) Full schedule If this does not fit your schedule you can take a local train with two subway transfers to Tobu Asakusa station (about 30 minutes but will involve some walking to make the transfers) and take a limited express train from there. Express trains from Tobu Asakusa station to Nikko run more frequently. Returning from Nikko to Shinjuku Spacia Kinugawa Limited Express is the best option.
  13. Seat Reservation on Hayabusa Train

    After activating your JR Pass you can make seat reservations at any JR ticket office at any JR station in advance or on the day of travel. At Hakodate station JR ticket office and Twinkle Plaza are next door to each other (green sign is the ticket office and pink is the Twinkle Plaza)
  14. Hi, I will be using JR Pass. I understand seat reservation is required on Hayabusa Train. I have some questions regarding traveling from Shin-Hakodate-Hakuto station to Tokyo: 1. Can I make a reservation at Hakodate station? Is there a specific ticket office for this? 2. If I make an online reservation and choose Hakodate station to pick up the ticket, where is "Twinkle Plaza"? See this link: Thanks!
  15. Hi.. I would like to ask about transportation from Disney park going to Nikko. And also from Nikko to Shinjuku. My plan is 2 days in Nikko and I'll going back to Shinjuku after. What is the easy way to get Nikko and from Nikko to Shinjuku. Considering I'm not taking Shinkansen. And also the fares if it possible. Thank you so much.
  16. Travelling from Osaka to Hiroshima

    Shinkansen fares consist of base fare, express surcharge and reserved seat charge. Base fare and express surcharge are mandatory for all shinkansen rides, reserved seat charge is optional. Base fare covers point-to-point travel on local trains (slow commuter trains). It is possible to travel from Osaka to Hiroshima on local trains, but it will take significantly longer than shinkansen and involve several transfers. Faster limited express and shinkansen train fares require an express surcharge to be added to the base fare. For more details please refer to the "Reserved seats and tickets" section of our Guide to Rail Travel in Japan:
  17. Travelling from Osaka to Hiroshima

    Dear Station Master, Thank you for your valuable response. We do not understand why there is such a difference in price if we study the Sanyo Shinkansen TOKAIDO/SANYOSHINKANSEN FARES& SURCHARGES) In the overview it state that the price from Shin-Oska to Hiroshima is 5,620 yen for the basic fare and 4,810 yen for the super express surcharge. Do we always have to add those two amounts to find the final price, even if we choose a less expensive alternative. Please have some patience with us, we have never seen such a complex way of calculating a train ticket and are quite at age.
  18. travel to koyasan

    There is a substitute bus running between Hashimoto and Koyasan stations. If you buy a Nankai ticket to/from Koyasan or have a rail pass that covers Nankai Railway then the bus is free. Take a train from Nankai Namba to Hashimoto and follow the signs to substitute bus to Koyasan. Taking a bus may prolong your journey by up to one hour. When returning from Koyasan take the same bus back to Hashimoto and continue on Nankai Koya line to Osaka Nanmba. More details about the substitute bus service: and about Nankai Koya line:
  19. Travelling from Osaka to Hiroshima

    Yes, this is correct - Shinkansen bullet train reserved seats fare from Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima round-trip is 20,880 yen per person. 7 days unlimited Japan Rail Pass is 29,110 yen. If you plan to take any other trips Japan Rail Pass may be a good deal. It is also possible to travel from Osaka to Hiroshima by bus for less than Shinkansen.
  20. travel to koyasan

    Hello! The place we are staying on Koyasan tells us the typhoon in November has disrupted the funicular--has anyone taken the substitute transportation? Where do we pick it up? Osaka Namba to Hashimoto? Any advice is appreciated. We don't go until April 2018-but the temple lodging doubts the repairs will be done by then. Too bad, this was being looked at as a treat. Selfish, but once in a lifetime. Thanks again anyone who can advise us.
  21. Travelling from Osaka to Hiroshima

    Dear Station Master, There is one issue of uncertainty left and that concerns your answer what says that " One way fare with a reserved seat is 10,440 yen." Does that mean that in order to get back from Hiroshima to Osaka (obtaining a round-trip ticket) that we have to pay 20,880 yen per person. We highly appreciate your valuable answers.
  22. Travelling from Osaka to Hiroshima

    It is not necessary to buy a Japan Rail Pass if you are taking only one day-trip. You can buy a ticket at any JR ticket office at any JR station in advance or on the day of travel. The trains on this route run very frequently (every 10-15 min). Without a Japan Rail Pass you can take any shinkansen train from Shin-Osaka station to Hiroshima. This includes Nozomi, Sakura and Mizuho trains. One way fare with a reserved seat is 10,440 yen. You may find this article useful: You can also order shinkansen tickets to be delivered to your hotel from Voyagin
  23. We like to obtain a round-trip ticket from Osaka to Hiroshima in April 2018 and are confused about the information that should enable our trip. We were informed that it is not necessary to buy a Japan Rail Pass for one day-trip. So our question is how do we buy a a round-trip ticket from Osaka to Hiroshima, what are the costs of it and which train do we choose.
  24. Travel on 24 Dec to Kyoto from Namba station.

    It may be a little more crowded than usual with tourists around Christmas, but it will be most crowded around local New Year holidays (Dec 29 to Jan 3)
  25. Kyoto City Bus covered by Kansai Thru Pass?

    It covers Osaka and Kobe bus, but not Nara. There is a list of train and bus services covered by the Kansai Thru Pass on the official website:
  26. Kyoto City Bus covered by Kansai Thru Pass?

    Does it also cover Kobe, Nara and Osaka buses?
  27. Kyoto City Bus covered by Kansai Thru Pass?

    Yes, visitors from overseas can get a Kansai Thru Pass (also called the Surutto Kansai Pass) for two or three days. This covers not only Kyoto City Bus and Kyoto Bus services but also the Kyoto Municipal Subway Line, and many of the private railway and bus companies in Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara and Shiga.
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