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Confusion about Kyoto passes

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Can anybody tell me Kyoto One Day Bus Card (500 Yen)& All-Day Bus Pass(500 Yen) both are same or different.

One more question, While in Kyoto if I purchased Kyoto Sightseeing Card-1200 yen, it covers City Bus,Kyoto Bus & Both Subway. But if I purchased One day Bus Pass-500 Yen & Kyoto Subway One Day Card- 600 yen, both passes also cover bus & subway

Then why should I purchased sightseeing card by paying 100 yen extra. Is there any benefit.


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Hi there,

Thank you for your questions. There is a "Kyoto City Bus & Kyoto Bus One-Day Pass" which costs 500 yen. I don't know of any similar passes to this, so probably the "one day pass" and "all day pass" you mention are the same. You can find information about this pass here: https://www2.city.kyoto.lg.jp/kotsu/webguide/en/ticket/regular_1day_card_bus.html

This pass only covers buses inside the flat fare zone of central Kyoto. If you want to go outside this flat fare zone (if you want to go to Ohara for example) you will have to pay extra. However, the Kyoto Sightseeing Pass covers buses outside the flat fare zone too. That's why it costs a little bit extra.

You can find more detailed information at these links:


I hope that helps!

Best wishes,


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