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  1. Hi, Can anybody tell me Kyoto One Day Bus Card (500 Yen)& All-Day Bus Pass(500 Yen) both are same or different. One more question, While in Kyoto if I purchased Kyoto Sightseeing Card-1200 yen, it covers City Bus,Kyoto Bus & Both Subway. But if I purchased One day Bus Pass-500 Yen & Kyoto Subway One Day Card- 600 yen, both passes also cover bus & subway Then why should I purchased sightseeing card by paying 100 yen extra. Is there any benefit. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Michael for prompt reply. Hotel is close to Tambaguchi Station just 10 mts walk. So as per your advice I will take JR Sagano Line. One more question, I am having JR 7 days pass. Like JR Kyoto Line & JR Nara Line, can I travel free of charge through JR Sagano Line. Thanks
  3. Can we travel any Kyoto City Buses with luggage? We will come Kyoto by Shinkansen & our hotel is in bet Kyoto station & Tambaguchi station. Required bus from Kyoto Ekimae Bus stop.