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Please help an amputee with luggage to go from Asakusa Station Ginza line to Toei Asakusa Station

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We will be going to Japan again for vacation. Unfortunately this time, I am now a below-the knee amputee.

I need to know how to transfer from Asakusa Station Ginza line to Toei Asakusa Station Line.

I think Ginza is at level B1 and B2 while Toei is on B3 and B4.  I need to know, using elevators, on how to

go about the transfer.

Please help!!!

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I studied Asakusa Station's 3D layout and it appears that the Ginza and Toei Lines are only connected at one gate. However, viewing the streetview of the station at Ginza line B2F level, once I go downstairs using the wheelchair lift, the Komagatabashi District Gate is closed.  So I don't know if I can use this path... Please update me regarding this gate's access to persons with disabilities. Once again, thank you in advance...

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The Asakusa Station 3D map on the Tokyo metro website shows barrier-free access path at the Ginza Line Station.


There is one set of stairs that connects Ginza Line with Toei line station. According to the map there is a stairlift at this set of stairs. The station staff will assist you in using the stairlift.

Alternate path is to go outside using exit 1 lift and enter Toei Station at A2B lift.

Please allow extra time as Asakusa station is frequently very crowded, especially during peak travel season and on weekends.


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