Staying in Yokohama when visiting Tokyo

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I will be going with my family to Tokyo for two weeks early next year. We are going to be visiting Tokyo, Yokohama and taking day-trips around Tokyo.  Does it make sense to make Yokohama the base for our stay and visit Tokyo attractions from there? Alternatively, would it be more practical to divide our hotel stays between both cities?
Is it convenient to take a day-trips to Hakone, Kamakura, Kawagoe from Yokohama? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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It really depends on where you want to visit. Planning to hang out as much in Yokohama or places south of Tokyo as in Tokyo itself? 

I'd split one week in Ueno (Ueno Park, Zoo, museums) or Asakusa (convenient for Tokyo Skytree, daytrip to Nikko) and one week in Yokohama with daytrips to places you mentioned.

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From Yokohama Station it takes around 30 minutes to Shinjuku Station on the The Shonan-Shinjuku Line

and 30 minutes to Tokyo Station on the Tokaido Main Line, or 53 minutes to Odawara Station when going to Hakone

If possible, try to avoid the rush hour, trains going to Tokyo is the morning tend to be crowded.

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