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Sapporo station to Nanboku line

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I'll be arriving in Sapporo Station from Chitose Airport and would need to change to the Nonboku line bound for Makomanai to get to my hotel near Nakajima Koen Station. 

(1) How do I change from the rapid train to the Nanboku line? I can't find the transit info from the Sapporo Station website https://www.sapporostation.com/sapporo-station-layout-and-facilities/

(2)  I'll be having a number of luggages as well as 3 kids. Are there any trolleys at the Sapporo Station that I can put my luggages?



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1) Here is the information about the Sapporo subway Namboku Line: https://www.sapporostation.com/sapporo-subway-namboku-tozai-and-toho-lines/

Also this Sapporo Station map might be useful for you: https://www.sapporostation.com/sapporo-station-layout-and-facilities/

2) Unfortunaty there are no trolleys at Sapporo Station, however there are coin lockers just outside of the North and South gates of the Namboku Line.

I hope that helps!

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