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    Best route

    Hello there, I believe you can find how to get to Shirakawa-Go from Toyama at the link below. Please scroll down to "Visiting Shirakawa-go from Tokyo Example 1" and then scroll down to the "Traveling by bus" section: Also you can get all the necessary information about transportation between Nagoya and Toyama in this article: I hope that helps!
  2. 1) Here is the information about the Sapporo subway Namboku Line: Also this Sapporo Station map might be useful for you: 2) Unfortunaty there are no trolleys at Sapporo Station, however there are coin lockers just outside of the North and South gates of the Namboku Line. I hope that helps!
  3. Hello there, ICOCA is a rechargeable IC smart card and is unrelated to the Japan Rail Pass: Which is suitable depends on the trains you use. I believe you can get the necessary information at these links: About The Japan Rail Pass About ICOCA & HARUKA The Japan Rail Pass covers all JR trains and most of the shinkansens but not the Nozomi or the Mizuho. These passes might be good choices for you: Kansai WIDE Area Pass Kansai Area Pass I hope that helps! Best wishes,
  4. Hello there, This article below explains in fine detail how to get to Koyasan from Kyoto, so I would suggest you take the opposite route. Please scroll down to "How to Get There". I hope that helps. Best wishes,
  5. ICOCA can be used in most of the areas covered by Kitaca, PASMO, Suica, manaca, toica, PiTaPa, Hayakaken, nimoca and SUGOCA as well. And you can only return ICOCA and get your money back at JR-West stations. It will cost 220 yen. You can read about the different kinds of IC cards in this article: I hope that helps!
  6. Hello there, These links might be helpful for you. Osaka Station City Information Please scroll down to "Osaka Station" of "Major Stations Lost and Found" section: Lost and Found in Osaka station I hope that helps. Best wishes,
  7. I believe you can find the necessary informaton at this link: I hope that helps.
  8. The Sanyo-San'in Area Pass covers part of the JR Kagoshima line, between Mojikō Station and Hakata Station. You can find more information at this link: I hope that helps!
  9. Mewby


    This pass might be useful for you: And you can find more details about the Super Hakuto in this article: I hope that helps!
  10. It depends on which carriage you are gping to use. Generally the South Gate is closer when you use lower numbered carriages of the shinkansen, and the North Gate is closer to higher numbered carriages. You may find useful information in the following article. Please scroll down to "Shinagawa Station Main Gates and Exits": I hope that helps!
  11. Check this link for the schedule of the Hashidate limited express: And the JR Kansai Wide Pass covers that route. I hope that helps!
  12. Mewby


    Yes, there are a few lifts in Kanazawa Station. Please check this article for more information about Kanazawa Station: I hope that helps!
  13. Hello there, It will depend on the itinerary. I believe you can find suitable information at these links. About KINTETSU RAIL PASS About ICOCA I hope that helps! Best wishes,
  14. It will probably be easier if you get on a train from JR Shinjuku station then you can either get off at JR Kitayono Station or JR Saitama-Shintoshin Station. Please check the last train back from Saitama Super Arena with these links: From Kitayono Station From Saitama-Shintoshin Station Also I believe these links might be helpful for you in Shinjuku Station: I hope that helps!
  15. I believe The Airport Express or Rapi:t Services of The Nankai Airport Line would be the best choices. Please check this article for more details: If you have not decided which hotel to stay at, please take a look at our recommendations for hotels in the Namba area. Scroll down to “Other hotels in Osaka Area”. You can check the rates with the link in the yellow box as well: Also you can find information about ICOCA in this article. I hope that helps!