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Email address Museum of the National Bunraku Theatre

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Dear Sir or Madam,


SWISS International Airlines will start flying to Washington in March 2020. On swiss.com we have a digital Travel Guide (https://www.swiss.com/explore/en) where we give an overview of all our destinations. We present the cities with facts and figures and offer tips about restaurants, hotels and much more.


We would like to include the Museum of the National Bunraku Theatre in our Travel Guide for Osaka. For that, we would need some images of the museum and the permission to use them indefinitely. The pictures should be in landscape format with a minimum size of 1MB. It can be of the exterior or interior and it would be great if you could send us a selection of a few images. Below an example:



Beside the picture we always display a short text with the description of the place. If you could provide us with such a text would be great. Otherwise I’ll write it myself. 


Of course, we also display the copyright.


As I couldn't find an email address of the museum on the website of Japan Arts Council I am writing to you.


I would be happy to hear from you soon. Thanks a lot in advance!



Gioia Lindt


Gioia Lindt


Content & Quality Management

UX Design & Analytics SWISS

Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.


8058 Zurich Airport



[email protected]


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