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Purchasing tickets at Osakako (Chuo) and Bentencho (JR)

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Hello Dave,

I'm not quite sure I understand your question. Are you saying you want to travel from Osakako Station to Kyoto? You would have to buy separate tickets at your transfer points. You can buy a subway ticket for the Chuo Line at Oskako and then when you transfer at Bentencho you can buy a JR ticket as far as Osaka Station, or as far as Kyoto Station if you want to travel to Kyoto via Osaka Station. Your best option from Osaka Station to Kyoto is to take the Special Rapid service on the JR Kyoto Line:


How you travel to Kyoto depends a lot on where you are traveling from. We have a full list of travel options written up here:


I recommend the Jorudan transit planner for finding the best route: https://world.jorudan.co.jp/mln/en/

I hope that helps!



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Thanks for your reply Michael.

Yes, I am arriving on a cruise ship at Tempozan pier and wanted to know if l can actually purchase the ticket at Osakako station for the ride to Bentencho and then another ticket at Bentencho for the ride to Kyoto via Osaka. You have kindly answered my question. Thanks very much. Thanks for the links as well.

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