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  1. Konnichiwa ! My travel companion & I will be visiting Kyushu Fri 6 - leaving on 12 Sept 2019. Our itinerary : 6 Sept - Arrive at Hakata 7 to 8 Sept - Nagasaki 9 Sept - Return to Hakata 10 Sept - Day trip to Saga from Hakata 11 Sept - Day trip to Kumamoto from Hakata 12 Sept - Depart Hakata in morning My current understanding on how I should go about with the IC Prepaid cards + JR Kyushu Pass : 1. Upon Arrival at Fukuoka International Airport,we can get 2 cards - 1. Hayakaken Card - which enables to take our subway to Hakata Station & I can continue to use it for subways in other cities & prefectures within Kyushu. 2. Separately I should also buy a 3 Days Northern Kyushu JR Pass which covers : - JR Kamome Limited Express from Hakata to Nagasaki - Limited Express Train from Hakata station to Saga City - Shinkansen to from Hakata to Kumamoto While I understand SUGOCA Prepaid Card covers JR Pass, I'm still not sure if buying it is enough or I need to combine with a 3 Days Northern Kyushu Rail Pass. Look forward to your advise . Thank you Ms SY Lim