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  1. Dear Station Master, Thank you for your valuable response. We do not understand why there is such a difference in price if we study the Sanyo Shinkansen TOKAIDO/SANYOSHINKANSEN FARES& SURCHARGES) In the overview it state that the price from Shin-Oska to Hiroshima is 5,620 yen for the basic fare and 4,810 yen for the super express surcharge. Do we always have to add those two amounts to find the final price, even if we choose a less expensive alternative. Please have some patience with us, we have never seen such a complex way of calculating a train ticket and are quite
  2. Dear Station Master, There is one issue of uncertainty left and that concerns your answer what says that " One way fare with a reserved seat is 10,440 yen." Does that mean that in order to get back from Hiroshima to Osaka (obtaining a round-trip ticket) that we have to pay 20,880 yen per person. We highly appreciate your valuable answers.
  3. We like to obtain a round-trip ticket from Osaka to Hiroshima in April 2018 and are confused about the information that should enable our trip. We were informed that it is not necessary to buy a Japan Rail Pass for one day-trip. So our question is how do we buy a a round-trip ticket from Osaka to Hiroshima, what are the costs of it and which train do we choose.