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  1. Will it be crowded to travel on Dec 24 from Namba to Kyoto?
  2. Please advise whether traveling to Kyoto from Namba by train on 24 DEC is packed? I intend to leave as early as 0.700 am? Which train is the fastest to reach Kyoto Station?
  3. I will go to Kameoka Torokko Station directly from Namba station then take the scenic train to Saga-Arashiyama station so that I will be free to spend the rest of my day in the Arashiyama area at my leisure.(i/o taking the two-way scenic train). Will I be able to buy the ticket for the one way to Arashiyama areas on 25Dec or can I book the ticket online? Please advise if this is a good option?
  4. I am coming from Namba station. Is there any bus that goes to Arashiyama? 1) From Kyoto station 2) From Kawaramachi station.
  5. Please advise if i have to take any internal train from Terminal 1 to Kansai-Airport station to take a Rapit express train to Namba station?
  6. Can you advise at Namba Station ( Nankai Line ) can i get to Midosuji and yotsubashi line? I am staying at APA Nambi higashi and want to take Midosuji and yotsubashi line. Do have to go back to (Namba Station ( Nankai Line ? Is Osaka Namba station by itself for ( Kintetsu - Nara line)? I am a bit confused. Is there an inside Map of all these stations?
  7. Has Namba station got 2 North Exit? I saw the Namba station Map. 1) To Midosuji, Shinsaibashisuji, Sennichimae. 2) To airport bus stop for Osaka international airport(Itami) Which exit should I take?
  8. Please advise in Namba Station there are (two)North Exits.at B1 1) To Midosuji, Shinsaibashisuji, Sennichimae. 2) To airport bus stop for Osaka international airport(Itami) Which exit should I take?
  9. I will arrive at KIX terminal 1 around 6.30 am. and wish to buy ICOCA Card. Where can i buy them?
  10. I would like to check if this Kyoto World Heritage Loop Bus (K'LOOP) is available daily in Dec 2017. I would like to use this loop bus to see Kyoto.
  11. Hi Sirs i am staying around Namba areas and will be traveling one day to Kyoto and Nara. Please advise best train to go there? Any direct train to Kyoto and Nara? thank you.
  12. Thank you for your reply. I know Namba station exit is a long way to walk out to the main road to walk to APA Hotel Namba-Eki Higashi. Any Map to show how to walk to this hotel?
  13. Noted with thanks. Can I pay with ICOCA IC Card or should I buy returned tickets?
  14. Sorry, i will take The Rapid Airport Express to Namba. Is this better and faster way to Namba station
  15. I understand when i take the airport express train to Namba station, I got to walk out of Namba station to Osaka-Namba Station about 9 mins. Is it necessary to get out of Namba station to Osaka-Namba Station walk to the hotel?
  16. I will arrive Kansa airport and be looking forward taking express train to Namba station.Any good recommendation for a 3 stars Hotel near that station that I can walk there on arrival at Namba station. preferable also near JR train going to Kyoto from there. Thank you.