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Suica Card to use for Nankai Line Osaka

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Yes, you can use a Suica Card to travel from KIX to Namba on Nankai Line.

All major IC cards in Japan are inter-operable between the regions, if you can use ICOCA in Kansai region then you can use Suica. Here is a map where ICOCA can be used in Kansai: https://www.westjr.co.jp/global/en/ticket/icoca-haruka/pdf/icoca_area.pdf

Going from KIX to Namba you can take The Airport Express commuter train (44 minutes) and The Rapi:t Airport Express (34-37 minutes).

For the commuter train just go through the gates with your Suica card. The fare is 920 yen one way.

For The Rapi:t Airport Express you need to buy a reserved seat ticket at the machine or at the counter. The fare is 1130 yen one way.

You can find more details here: https://www.osakastation.com/the-nankai-airport-line-the-airport-express-rapit-services-for-kansai-airport-namba/


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Hi Station Master,

I am from the Philippines. Last May, we went to Tokyo and we used Suica Cards. We still have the Suica Cards with us, and they still have balances. Next May, we plan to go to Osaka. Can we still use our Suica Cards in Osaka?

Thank you. 

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