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I picked a vinyl bag at Nankai Namba station

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Hello. I had been Osaka for 9 days, and came back to Korea yesterday. 
Since I don't know where can I ask my question, I write in this board.
I picked a black vinyl bag around Nankai Namba Station at 5:20 p.m.
I tried to keep it in the information center or Lost&Found, but my train time was in hurry, I gave it to the staff at platform for Rapit from Nankai Namba to Kansai Airport. (05 :30 PM)

He checked my ticket and he wore glasses and looked middle aged.

but I think he didn't understand my english well.

After that, I posted about this situation in the internet community and surprisingly, I could find a host of the baggage I picked up.
However, she told me that she couldn't find his baggage in Nankai Namba station(information center) . I do not have any idea how can she find it. I do not think that the staff took it.

Maybe there are some communication problem between me and him. Could you check it? I really would like to the host can find the baggage. Thanks.

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We are not associated with Nankai Railways and, unfortunately, cannot help you in locating lost items.

If you handed the bag to a station employee there is no doubt that he transferred it to lost and found. The person who lost the bag should have no problem retrieving it from lost and found at Nankai Namba Station.

Beware of strangers in internet communities.


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