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Cindy K

Using N'ex Round Trip Ticket

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Hello, I will be traveling to Tokyo in a few months. I plan to get a N'ex round trip ticket. My journey is basically Narita Airport > Tokyo > Yokohama > Tokyo > Narita Airport within a 7 day period. I would like to clarify on a few areas:

1) I read that using the N'ex Round trip ticket, I am allowed to transfer to other JR trains within the designated Tokyo train area. What does "once exiting a gate, ticket cannot be used for re-entry"?. Since the ticket is valid for 14 days, am I not entitled to ride unlimited trains within the designated Tokyo train area? 

2) Since I will be purchasing a N'ex return ticket, will I be using the same physical ticket for the whole 14 days duration? If not, does it mean that I will be given a separate ticket for my return trip to Narita airport at time of purchase? 

3) I may choose to purchase a Suica for areas not covered by the designated Tokyo train area (e.g. Visiting Sanrio Puroland). Thereafter, can I jump back on using the N'ex return ticket once I'm ready to head to Yokohama on Day 4 or Day 5? I'm confused hence Question 1) above

4) I have a 9.30am flight to catch at Narita Airport on my last day in Tokyo. Which station should I go to, to board the N'ex train to ensure I get to the airport by 7.30am? I understand operational hours differ by stations. 

Thanking you in advance. Really need to know how this ticket would work for me. 

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