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Going from Kyoto Station to Yura Station

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Thanks so much for such detailed website regarding how to go around in Japan. We are going to Japan for the first time 2nd week of April for about 10 days.

One of our itinerary is to visit 青山剛昌ふるさと館 because we're a fan.

The location is quite far away: Japan, 〒689-2221 Tottori-ken, Tōhaku-gun, Hokuei-chō, Yurashuku, 北栄町由良宿1414

But after googling around and using Hyperdia, I think we figured out the way:

  • From Kyoto Station - Take Super Hakuto #1 Train to Kurayoshi

  • From Kurayoshi, take San-In Line (For Yonago) to Yura Station

Question: would our JR Pass cover the Super Hakuto#1 train and San-In Line (For Yonago)?


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Hello there,

The San-In Line is operated by JR West so it is completely covered by the Japan Rail Pass. However, the Super Hakuto runs along the private Chizu Line for part of its journey and so that train is jointly run by JR West and the Chizu Express Company. This means that the Super Hakuto is not completely covered by the Japan Rail Pass and you would have to pay a supplementary fee of 1,300 yen.

Best wishes,


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Hi ,

I do have some question about Kansai Wide Area Pass(5days) and Sanyo-San'in Area Pass (7days)

I planning a daily trip to visit 青山剛昌ふるさと館. I will go in the early morning to sit 1st train overthere and hope can go back to Namba won't too late.

Recently very headache about the pass and the trip to Conan.


1) Do  Kansai Wide Area Pass covered Limited Express Super Hakuto ??

2) How long the journey and need transit how many type of train by using Kansai Wide Area Pass(5days) or Sanyo-San'in Area Pass (7days) to Yura Station (Conan Station) ??

3) What kind of  pass's package do recommend? 




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Hello there,

1) The Super Hakuto is covered by the Kansai WIDE Area Pass as well as other limited expresses. However, Ōhara Station (Okayama) is the last stop inside the Kansai WIDE Area Pass' area, so you will need to pay the rest of the fare after that.

2) How to get to Yura Station would be different depending on the date and time. So please use "Timetable and Route Search" on http://www.hyperdia.com/en/.

3) If you are traveling all over Japan, The Japan Rail Pass might be useful too. Check this article for further infomation: https://www.japanstation.com/japan-rail-pass-discounted-travel-on-japan-railways/ These pages also have very detailed information about Kansai WIDE Area Pass and Sanyo-San'in Area pass.

I hope that helps.

Best regards,


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