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Carry luggage through Kyoto City Buses

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Hello there,

It might be possible to take your luggage on a bus, but I wouldn't recommend it. Kyoto City Buses are quite narrow, and can get very crowded. Also they don't have any luggage space, so you will feel very uncomfortable with luggage I think. If you take a taxi from Kyoto Station it shouldn't cost too much. Maybe around 1,000 yen.

I'm not sure where your hotel is, but if it is near Tambaguchi Station, you could take the JR Sagano Line there from Kyoto Station and it would only cost you 140 yen. If it is not close to that station then I would recommend a taxi.

I hope that helps!

Best wishes,


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Thanks Michael for prompt reply.

Hotel is close to Tambaguchi Station just 10 mts walk. So as per your advice I will take JR Sagano Line.

One more question, I am having JR 7 days pass. Like JR Kyoto Line & JR Nara Line, can I travel free of charge through JR Sagano Line.



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