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Early morning trip to Kansai Airport

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Hi guys,


Me and my parents are planning to visit Japan May this year. We will be arriving at Tokyo and planning to depart from Osaka. None of us are fluent in Japanese

In Osaka, we are thinking to stay at hotel close to either Namba station or Tennoji station.

After browsing the site I find out that if we decide to stay around Namba Station we can take The rapi:t airport express, and

If we decide to stay around Tennoji Station we can take The limited express Haruka and get the ICOCA & HARUKA special price.


Since our flight is at 10AM from Kansai, I estimate that we need to depart from either station around 6AM.

My questions are:

Can I purchase the tickets at ticket machine or do I have to go to Ticket Counter?

Are the ticketing counter already open around 6AM?

Can/should I purchase it in advance?






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Hello there,

You can buy tickets for the Haruka at ticket machines or ticket offices, but buying at the office might be easier. JR Tennoji Station's ticket office opens at 5.30 in the morning, but you can always buy the ticket in advance from any JR station. The first Haruka train doesn't leave Tennoji until 6.37 on weekdays or 6.38 on Saturdays and Sundays, but will arrive at the airport at 7.11, which is plenty of time for your flight at 10.00. I recommend using the JR West Timetable and Fare Finder to plan your journey from Tennoji.

You can also buy tickets for the Rap:it at a ticket machine or ticket office. On weekdays the ticket office at Nankai Namba Station is open from 5.30, and on weekends and holidays it is open from 6.00. The first Rapi:t train departs from Namba at 6.00 with the next one at 7.00 on weekdays, or 6.30 at weekends. These trains take between 35 - 38 minutes, so if you need to check in for your flight at 8.00, you have plenty of time. You can view the timetables online.

Regardless of which train you take, for your own piece of mind I recommend booking your ticket at least one day before you travel. I also recommend booking at an office instead of a machine, as the machines can be a little complicated. Ticket office staff should have enough English ability to help you make your booking without any confusion.

I hope that helps!

Best wishes,



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