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Hello, we will be traveling to Kyoto-- arriving on May 2. On the late morning/early afternoon of May 5 (Friday of Golden week) we will be heading to Tokyo. We are four adults with luggage. This is our first time to Japan. We would like to take the Nozomi train on the Shinkansen line to Tokyo Station.

  • I would like to reserve tickets in a green car in advance. Can this be done online? (It doesn't look like it from what I have read so far.) 
  • Since Golden week is an extremely busy time (from what I have read) what would be our options? Go in person to Kyoto Station and buy the tickets on Wednesday?
  • How is luggage handled on these trains? Is there a check-in or do you have to take it into the car with you?

Thank-you in advance. 


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Hello Monika,

Unfortunately you can't book shinkansen tickets online with JR West. However, it is possible to book tickets for a fee via Japanese travel agencies that have overseas offices. JTB is the best known of these. I just did a quick Google search and also came up with this website that seems to offer the services you need at a reasonable price:


However, that website is quite new, so I don't know how reliable they are. I think you would probably be ok booking your tickets a couple of days in advance at Kyoto Station's ticket office, but again I can't guarantee it.

As for your luggage, there is no check in service so you will have to carry it on and off the train yourself. However, they do have dedicated luggage space on the train.

I hope that helps!

Best wishes,


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