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A question about the signs at Osaka Station

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When I exited the Midosuji Line at Umeda Station and tried to enter JR Osaka Station, I found the signs a bit confusing. Please see the first picture. When I reached this spot, the sign indicated that JR Line was straight ahead, but after walking a few steps, I encountered a fork in the road (the second picture). One path led to an upward staircase (with no signs indicating where it led), and the other path led to Osaka Station City. As someone visiting for the first time, I didn't know that the JR Line was within Osaka Station City. Only after walking further and turning a corner did I see a small sign on the wall indicating that the JR Line was in that direction (the third picture). Therefore, could more signs be placed at the base of the stairs and to the left or below the Osaka Station City sign, indicating where these two paths lead? Otherwise, I believe many people, like me, would first take the stairs, wander around, and then come back down.




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