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Would the baggage room be able to take the luggage of a group of about 26 people. I would like my students to leave their suitcases there while we travel to Hiroshima and overnight at Miyajima. Rather than carrying suitcases around peace park, museum and on the ferry etc....

Would I have to let them know in advance? 

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Hello Gaelle,

There is space in the baggage room for more than 26 suitcases but there is no guarantee that they will still have that space available for you when you arrive. Unfortunately, you can't book space in advance. If you are staying at a hotel then you could try asking them if they can hold your baggage for you. It is also possible to send baggage directly to hotels:


I hope that helps!

Best wishes,


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Thank you that does help. Perhaps we should take it to the hotel we will return to if they will allow that. It's not far from the station. Although kuroneko would save time and be so awesomely Japanese in its convenience... thanks for your help

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