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I'll arrive on 25 Nov 2016 (Friday) morning at Kansai, and going to Kyoto directly.

29 Nov (Tue) will goto Kinosakionsen station.

30 Nov (Wed) from Kinosakionsen -> (Kyoto) -> Osaka

2-Dec (Fri) morning Osaka -> Kansai airport

I'm a bit confused with the JR Pass, please advise me on the ticket functionality:

a) Kansai - Kyoto : Haruka 1,600 yen

b) Kyoto - Kinosakionsen (Ltd. Exp): 11:25am Fare + Seat Unreserved = 2,590 + 1,730 = 4,320 yen

c) Kinosakionsen (Ltd. Exp) - Kyoto  - Osaka : 12:32pm Fare + Seat Unreserved = 3,670 + 1,730 = 5,400 yen

d) Osaka - Kansai : Haruka 1,100 yen



1) Please correct me, if any of my research info is wrong :-) 

2) Is it a must to purchase ICOCA for the Haruka 1,600 yen (Kansai-Kyoto) ? Or can purchase Haruka only without ICOCA ?

3) Please explain or weblink some info on how the "fare + seat" works ? Do I need both in combo ?

4) If I purchase a "5-day Kansai WIDE Area Pass" to activate from 28-Nov until 2-Dec, do I still need to pay anything for (b), (c) and (d) above ?

e.g. do I still need to top-up and pay for "seat fare" ?

5) I welcome any better suggestions to utilise the JR Pass / ICOCA / or just purchase single-individual ticket for each travel ?


FYI, I'm trying to settle my inter-city transport first, before narrow down into local city tram/bus/subway transportation.


Arigato Gozaimasu


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Hi there,

There are quite a lot of questions there so let me take the main points one by one:

About the Haruka:
*All Limited Express services (including seat reservations) are covered by the Japan Rail Pass. The Haruka is a Limited Express service so it is fully covered if you have a Japan Rail Pass. Normally it costs 2,850 yen to get to Kyoto on this train, but with a Japan Rail Pass – no charge!
*You do not have to buy an ICOCA card to ride this train.
*If you don’t have a Japan Rail Pass (or any other pass) you might want to consider the “ICOCA & HARUKA”  discount set. You buy a prepaid ICOCA card and you get a discount on your Haruka ticket.
*The “ICOCA & HARUKA” deal costs 500 yen for the ICOCA card + 1,500 yen which goes on to the card (which you can then use for shopping, traveling etc) + 1,600 yen for your Haruka ticket. Altogether it costs 3,600 yen.
* You can find information on the “ICOCA & HAUKA” discount set here: https://www.westjr.co.jp/global/en/ticket/icoca-haruka/
The 500 yen for the card is listed as a “deposit” but you don’t get that back so it is really a fee.

About your trip from Kinosaki Onsen to Osaka:
* The fare you quote is correct if you change at Kyoto, but it is possible to travel directly to Osaka without changing and pay just 5,080 yen.  You can use the JR Timetable and Fare Finder to work out the best route: https://www.westjr.co.jp/global/en/timetable/

About your trip from Osaka to Kansai Airport:
* The Limited Express Haruka does not pass through Osaka Station. You can catch it from Shin-Osaka Station or from Tennoji Station. From Shin-Osaka the fare is 2,330 yen, and from Tennoji the fare is 1,710 yen. For all your travel options between Osaka and Kansai Aiport check this article: https://www.osakastation.com/traveling-between-osaka-and-kansai-international-airport/

About your “fare + seat” question:
I’m not sure where you saw this, but I think this means the base fare plus a surplus charge for a reserved seat? However, seat reservations are free if you have a Japan Rail Pass.

About the 5-day Kansai WIDE Area Pass:
This will cover unreserved seats on Limited Express trains to the locations on your itinerary. You can see a route map of the area covered and a list of Limited Express services that are covered by the Kansai Wide Pass here: http://www.westjr.co.jp/global/en/ticket/pass/kansai_wide/#routes

The Japan Rail Pass Calculator will help you to decide if the Japan Rail Pass is the best deal for your journey: https://www.japanstation.com/japan-rail-pass-value-calculator/

I hope that helps!

Best wishes,


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Hi Michael,

Appreciate your long reply and the info & weblinks. Here's my plan:

a) 25-Nov (Fri): Arrive in Kansai -> Kyoto : I'll online reserve the ICOCA + Haraku at 3,600 yen per person.

b) 28-Nov (Mon): Pickup the "5-day Kansai WIDE Area Pass"  8,500 yen (online reserve earlier) at Kyoto Station.

c) 29-Nov (Tue): Use the JR-Pass to travel to Kinosaki Onsen (Ltd. Exp): 11:25am - FREE!

d) 30-Nov (Wed): Use the JR-Pass to travel from Kinosaki Onsen to Osaka: 13:30  Ltd. Express Kounotori No. 16 (For Shin-Osaka)  - FREE!

e) 2-Dec (Fri): Use the JR-Pass to travel from Shin-Osaka/Tennoji to Kansai using the Haruka - FREE! This is possible, right ?


*All Limited Express services (including seat reservations) are covered by the Japan Rail Pass.


Question:  With the JR Pass, do I still need to goto counter/machine to select tickets/seat ? Or I can go direct to the track to board the train ?


About the fare+seat, I think I start to understand Japan Rail ticketing, need to add both together, e.g. (refer pic) 3,350 + 1,730 = 5,080 yen


Again, thank you and have a nice day.



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Hello again,

Yes, to reserve a seat with the Japan Rail Pass you will need to go to the ticket office. If you don't need a reserved seat, you can just use the pass as your ticket.

In your schedule however, you have written both the Japan Rail Pass and the 5-day Kansai WIDE Area Pass. These are two different things. The Japan Rail Pass covers reserved seats. The 5-day pass does not. You can only use the 5-day pass for unreserved seats on the Limited Express.

Best wishes,



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Hi Michael,

I learn another new thing today, thanks for clarifying: JR Pass <> 5-day Kansai WIDE Area Pass  :)

I'll be getting the 5-day Kansai WIDE Area Pass. Unreserved seat is fine, my group can walk direct to platform (track) and board for these trips:

a) Kyoto Station -> Express Kinosaki -> Kinosaki Onsen Station

b) Kinosaki Onsen Station -> Express Kounotori -> Osaka (Shin-Osaka)

c) Shin-Osaka -> Haruka -> Kansai Airport

Thanks again, you are very patient and helpful.

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