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Lost and Found for Taxi from Yokohama-shi to Haneda

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I traveled yesterday, Thursday August 30th at about 11:30 AM from Yokohama to Haneda Air Port and left my iphone in the back seat.

I know there is a lost and found for most things, but have never needed it previously. Can anyone please tell me who to call (I'm currently out of the country) or who to e-mail to inquire about my lost phone? I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions.

Thank you.

B. U

[email protected]

[email protected]

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Forgot to add to above post, iPhone 8 may be turned off by supplier. Opening screen is a sunset. Characters are mostly English.

Please contact: chababba@gmail

Or drop at police station in Yokohama, Shin-Yokohama or Police Box at Shin-Yokohama Station or any major police station.

iPhone 8, 64gig color gray, start up screen sunset. Service disconnected. Need phone to work. Please send to police box or station.

Thank you

B. Ucpchurch

American phone number : 602-369-1001 (dial 1 to get USA)

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Thank you for your kind response. I live in Kanagawa, the train station where I caught the taxi to Haneda Airport was Shin-Yokohama. I chatted with the taxi driver for the length of the ride, but was distracted when I paid him and exited his taxi. By the time I realized I'd left my iPhone in his car he was gone. I didn't get a receipt. I did notice the taxi was silver in color. I checked all the taxis who service Shin-Yokohama Station and none are silver. He could have been an independent driver. Or he could have taken a fare from somewhere else to the station and gotten back into the taxi line.

I will be back home on Friday but have to work over the weekend. If anyone knows a taxi company or independent driver who drives a silver colored taxi, please let me know the name of the company.

I will check at the police box at the station and at the Kanagawa Prefecture Police and the Tokyo Police when I return. Thank you for your kind response.

[email protected]

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