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Eddy S Basjir

Hokuriku Area Pass valid 4 days

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I am going from Kyoto station to Kanazawa station

I owned Hokuriku Area Pass valid for “non reserve seat” , thunderbird train and starting from Tsuruga until Kanazawa only instead of starting from Kyoto station.

Therefore I need to buy a ticket at Kyoto Station for my journey from Kyoto to Tsuruga.

I will use my ticket (kyoto-tsuruga) to enter the gate at kyoto station and continue with the same train (unreserved seat) until Kanazawa. When I arrive at Kanazawa, I will use my Hokuriku Area Pass to exit the gate.

My question is:

can I stay in the same train without “exit the gate at Tsuruga and enter again using my pass” to continue my journey to Kanazawa?

Appreciate your help

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When you enter ticket gates for the first time using your pass it gets stamped. If you use a regular ticket at Kyoto station, remain on board at Tsuruga and exit at Kanazawa you may be questioned why you don't have a stamp. Keep the Kyoto to Tsuruga ticket in case of any questions. It shouldn't be a problem as long as you can show the Kyoto to Tsuruga ticket.

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Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, I will buy a regular ticket for non reserve seat for my journey from Kyoto to Tsuruga. For the remaining journey to Kanazawa, if it is asked by train conductor on board, I will show my Hokuriku Area Pass. 

When I arrive in Kanazawa, I think, I should use manual gate to exit and show my Hokuriku Area Pass. I don’t need to exit from machine gate and just keep the regular ticket (kyoto-tsuruga) with me.

Need your help to confirm if my understanding in second paragraph is correct.

Again thank for your help.


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Hello Japan Station Forum,

Need further help on Hokuriku Area Pass. I plan to go from Toyama to Takayama. Can I ride the Wide View Hida limited express with this Pass? 

I understand this Pass valid for the journey from Toyama to Inotani only. If I allowed to ride the Wide View Hida Ltd Express, can I pay the fare from Inotani to Takayama when I arrive in Takayama station?

Again thanks for your help

Regards, Eddy

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Hello there,

The Wide View Hida between Toyama Station and Inotani Station is covered by the Hokuriku Area Pass. You can pay the rest of the fee (2,150 yen for a non-reserved seat) at the Takayama Station as well.

I hope that helps.

Best wishes,

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