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ICOCA, Kansai One Pass or SUICA

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I'm coming from Italy and having problems to understand what IC Card I should use.

For example, we have to go from Osaka to Shugakuin.

Now, from Osaka to Tofukuji they are JR lines, so I can use a JR pass, from Tofukuji to Demachiyanagi it's a Keihan line, and maybe the Icoca is accepted (but I'm not shure because it seems it's not accepted for all the lines, but I don't know how to distinguish them), but it seems the Kansai pass is not accepted. From Demachiyanagi to Shugakuin I'm totally lost because I can't find any instructions.

The IC Card sites are not totally clear and I can't find an email where to ask questions!!

What IC card should I use, or it's better for me to keep a SUICA since I'm arriving from Tokyo???

I hope someone can help me

Thank you

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Kansai One Pass is just a special version of ICOCA card. Both Suica and ICOCA are accepted all over Japan.

Kansai Thru Pass is similar to JR Pass, but offers unlimited travel on non-JR railways in Kansai region for a set number of days.

You can use either ICOCA or Suica to travel from Osaka to Shugakuin. Both are accepted on Keihan and Eizan lines.

You can find more information about IC cards here: https://www.japanstation.com/japans-prepaid-transportation-cards-ic-cards/

Eizan Line: https://www.kyotostation.com/the-eizan-electric-railway-for-kibune-kurama-mount-hiei/

Keihan Line: https://www.osakastation.com/the-keihan-main-line-traveling-to-kyoto-from-yodoyabashi-station/


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