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Request a Name of a Song played in Kyoto Station

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i just back from Kyoto and want to find out a name of a song heard in Kyoto station many times, the song is children rap rock style with fast tempo, female/girl voice, funny and energetic singing/rap, it's not melodic, it's not beautiful, but it's funny and energetic, like children dancing and singing, it was played about every 10 minutes, maybe it's a commercial song, i also heard this song in a duty free shop, the location i heard this song is at north west side in the Kyoto station,  on the 2nd floor, there're bars around, and the place is under the LED stairs, beside the escalators, i attached a picture of the place where i heard the song days ago, thanks for advice about the name.

2018-06-08 20_01_46-IMG_9238.HEIC - Windows Photo Viewer.png

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