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Hello there,

There is a 3 day limit for using a locker. If you go over the limit, your belongings will be taken away and put into storage. If you want to store your luggage for longer than that, you can use the Baggage Room in Kyoto Station. They will take luggage for up to 15 days for a charge of 840 yen per item. There are some restrictions on what they will take however, depending on size, weight and contents. You should check these at the Baggage Room's website: http://carry-s.com/wp/?page_id=74

At the Baggage Room in Kyoto Station they also have a service for sending luggage to hotels in Kyoto. You can check the prices and other details here: http://carry-s.com/?page_id=71

To send luggage to hotels in other parts of Japan, you can use Yamato Transport's TA-Q-BIN service. Very often you can send items directly from one hotel to another, so you should ask at your current hotel's front desk if this is possible. As I don't know the size of your luggage, or the distance you would send it, I can't really tell you how much it might cost, but you can find out more about this service here: http://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/en/tourist/hotel/

There is also some information on rates here: http://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/en/send/ta_q_bin/

I hope that helps!

Best wishes,


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