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JR pass departing Tokyo question.

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I'm getting terribly confused on which JR pass is the best option for our itinerary.

27 June Depart Australia - Arrive Tokyo early morning 28 June

Arrival in Tokyo - spending 3 nights. 28 June - 1 July.

Travelling to Hiroshima on 1 July

1 July - 3 July - in Hiroshima 

3 July: Travelling Hiroshima - via Himeji Castle for about 2 hours - Kyoto

3-8 July - staying in Kyoto

8 July - Travelling Kyoto - Nara

8-9 July - staying in Nara

9 July - Travelling Nara - via Osaka or Kyoto, whichever is best (thinking Osaka) - back to Tokyo.

9-13 July Staying in Tokyo - with various local trips around Tokyo

13 July - late evening depart Japan back to Australia.

I think the 7 day pass is going to be the most cost effective. Maybe buy the 7 day pass and then buy a separate, one way ticket from Nara/Osaka back to Tokyo.

My question about the JR Pass is ... Does the JR Pass need to be used consecutive days, because if I activate it for 1 July as the first day of use, then I will be a couple of days over if we are departing Nara/Osaka back to Tokyo on 9 July.

Also, what is the best station to depart Tokyo from to Hiroshima? I'm having difficulty with Hyperdia - i.e, getting myself confused. I do know know which Tokyo station to choose.

We are a family of 4.

Thank you for your advice.

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The 7 day Japan Rail Pass + a separate, one way ticket from Nara/Osaka back to Tokyo is the most cost effective.

The JR Pass need to be used on consecutive days.

In Tokyo metro area Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen (from Hiroshima/Osaka) stops at Shinagawa and Tokyo stations.


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