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Luggage storage in Osaka

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We're a family of 6 traveling with 3 big pieces of luggage. From Kyoto, we plan to take the Special Rapid Train to Osaka, leave our luggage at the station, and go to Universal Studios for the day. Would it be difficult to bring our luggage on the train from Kyoto? How much would it cost to use Osaka Station's luggage storage service?

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Hello Kat,

If it is busy and you have a lot of luggage, then you might have to stand all the way on the Special Rapid Train. If you plan to return to Kyoto, then you could leave your luggage at Kyoto Station (http://www.kyotostation.com/kyoto-station-lockers-luggage-storage/). There are plenty of lockers at Osaka Station, but if your luggage is too big then you can use the Baggage Room. The charge per item is 700 yen per day. The Baggage Room is open from 10am-7pm but closes at exactly 7pm so if you are a minute late, you can't pick it up till the following day, and you will have to pay an extra day's fee. You can find the Baggage Room on this map. It is behind Nippon Travel Agency on the north side of the 1st floor central concourse: http://osakastationcity.com/en/pdf/st1f_en.pdf

It is also possible to send luggage ahead of you. At the Baggage Room in  Kyoto Station (http://carry-s.com/wp/?page_id=76) there is a service for sending luggage on to your next hotel. if you plan to head to the airport after visiting Universal Studios, you can send your luggage ahead of you using Yamato Transport Co.: http://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/en/personal/airport/

I hope that helps!

Best wishes,



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Thanks for the detailed response. Our last 2 days in Japan will be rather tight: travel to Osaka from Kyoto on a Monday morning, go to USJ, spend the night at an airbnb within walking distance of Osaka Station, travel to Namba the next morning (Tuesday) and explore Dotonbori, then take the Nankai Airport Express to KIX in the evening. 

I was pleased to read that the Baggage Room in Kyoto Station opens earlier than the one in Osaka Station (8am vs 10am). Since someone from our group will be extending for a few days in Namba, I'm considering sending our luggage from Kyoto to his hotel in Namba, and just carry an overnight bag for our one-night stay in the Osaka airbnb. Can you estimate how much this delivery service would cost?

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Hello again,

If you fill out this form with your details then the Kyoto Station service should be able to give you an estimate.


I think they used automatic translation for the form, so in case it isn't clear,

* A foreigner is blank  = You can leave this space blank
* Use time = The day & time you want to use the service
* Use number = The number of people
* Lodging name = This place you are staying

I would put full details of your inquiry into the final box.

Good luck!

Best wishes,


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