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Venny Loka

Icoca card for subway

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I'm going to japan in march for the first time n planning to buy icoca card.

Can i buy icoca card in namba subway station since im gonna stay near this subway station?

My niece is 3 yrs old, does she need icoca card too?

In osaka. Can i use icoca card for subway line (eg midosuji, tanimachi, chuo, senichimae etc)?

I read that i can use icoca card in kyoto too, but can i use icoca card for all transportation in all area around kyoto?

Best regard


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Although you can use ICOCA card on Osaka subway, it is not sold at subway stations. You can get one at any JR station, including Kansai airport.

Your 3-year-old niece doesn't need a card, infants under 6-years-old travel for free.

IC cards (ICOCA, Pasmo, Suica) in Japan can be used in any region in Japan. In Kansai region you can use an ICOCA card for all transportation in Osaka and Kyoto, and to travel between nearby cities: Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara.

You can find more information about IC cards in this article: https://www.japanstation.com/japans-prepaid-transportation-cards-ic-cards/

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