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JR Pass from Osaka Station to Namba?

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Hello! This is my first post here. I'm going to Japan in April by myself, and I have been researching a lot. :)

Is there a way to use the JR Pass to get from Osaka Station to Namba JR Station? My hostel is near Namba, but all the options I'm getting from google and hyperdia are other lines... since I'm already paying for the JR Pass, I want to make the most of it hehe.


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20 hours ago, Japan Station said:

Going from Osaka Station you can take the Osaka Loop line to Shin-Imamiya Station and transfer to the Yamatoji Line to JR Namba Station. All covered by the JR Pass.




Thank you very much! It says:


However, there is a special service called the Yamatoji Rapid Service which runs on both the Yamatoji Line and the Osaka Loop Line. This service can be used to travel between Osaka Station and JR Nara Station [...] At Osaka Station the Yamatoji Rapid Service departs from Platforms #1 and #2. 


With this option there is no tranfer?

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