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Hello!  The place we are staying on Koyasan tells us the typhoon in November has disrupted the funicular--has anyone taken the substitute transportation?  Where do we pick it up?  Osaka Namba to Hashimoto?  Any advice is appreciated.  We don't go until April 2018-but the temple lodging doubts the repairs will be done by then.  Too bad, this was being looked at as a treat.  Selfish, but once in a lifetime.  Thanks again anyone who can advise us.

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There is a substitute bus running between Hashimoto and Koyasan stations. If you buy a Nankai ticket to/from Koyasan or have a rail pass that covers Nankai Railway then the bus is free.

Take a train from Nankai Namba to Hashimoto and follow the signs to substitute bus to Koyasan. Taking a bus may prolong your journey by up to one hour.

When returning from Koyasan take the same bus back to Hashimoto and continue on Nankai Koya line to Osaka Nanmba.

More details about the substitute bus service: http://www.nankaikoya.jp/en/images/pdf/for_passengers_201711.pdf

and about Nankai Koya line: https://www.osakastation.com/the-nankai-koya-line-for-koyasan-mount-koya/

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