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  1. jenk

    Kyoto bus lost

    Just wanted to give a huge thank you for providing the number - I asked a kind Japanese speaker to call and, unbelievably, the calligraphy was found and returned. I can't even believe it. I have the most amazing respect for those that turned in and cared for our lost item - what kindness and respect there is in Japan!!! Amazing! My son is so thrilled!
  2. jenk

    Kyoto bus lost

    I realize it is unlikely that we'll find this, but my son left an envelope on either the 204 or 205 bus from Daitoku-ji to Kyoto station. It was some calligraphy that was written by a monk at Daitoku-ji and my son wanted to carry it, but in some confusion when we exited the bus, it was left behind. Is there any way to check with a lost and found for items like this that have sentimental value, but would not require a police report?