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  1. Hi, Silly question: Does Japan use the same voltage as we are in the US? Do we need to bring an adapter.
  2. Thank you so much for the info!
  3. Hello, Thanks so much for such detailed website regarding how to go around in Japan. We are going to Japan for the first time 2nd week of April for about 10 days. One of our itinerary is to visit 青山剛昌ふるさと館 because we're a fan. The location is quite far away: Japan, 〒689-2221 Tottori-ken, Tōhaku-gun, Hokuei-chō, Yurashuku, 北栄町由良宿1414 But after googling around and using Hyperdia, I think we figured out the way: From Kyoto Station - Take Super Hakuto #1 Train to Kurayoshi From Kurayoshi, take San-In Line (For Yonago) to Yura Station Question: would our JR Pass cover the Super Hakuto#1 train and San-In Line (For Yonago)? Thanks!