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  1. Hi Michael, Thank you so much for your reply with detail. Sadly, I won't be able to make it for this holiday... but I do glad that I did figure out what was going on there with your help; and I guess I know what my holiday plan gonna be next year. Once again, I appreciate for all of your help. Cheers. Rachel
  2. Hi, I think that I didn't make myself clear earlier, what I tried to ask was that Blue Symphony train does not pear on the ticket booking site, I was trying to book the ticket for 4/22, and no any Blue Symphony train to selec from. As it's sakura flower season over there, so I just wondering if Blue Symphony train still available on April? thank you.
  3. Hi! I am planning to go visit Osaka in a month, and "Blue Symphony train" was one of the most important task of my trip; however, I have just found out that there seems no tickets available for it on April, just wondering if it's still on?? Thanks.