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  1. Thank you for your detailed answer, Michael. I have an additional question regarding plane ticket reservation on the SKYMARK website. When typing in the boxes provided for passenger's Last Name and First Name for the ticket details and credit card details, the following error messages prompts respectively: ・Invalid characters in passenger (Adult1)’s First name. Your entry must be in single-byte alphanumeric characters. ・The Last Name of the credit card holder was entered incorrectly. (spaces, symbols and Full-width character is not allowed)Please enter in single byte alpha
  2. Hi! I am a tourist looking to visit Japan on January 31 to February 7. My ultimate destination is Sapporo but my entry and exit point is Fukuoka. I have done a bit of research but I still need to clarify a lot of things. I hope this forum will help me decide on which route to take. 1) What is cheaper? A) 7-day JR pass (¥29,910) to be used from Fukuoka to Sapporo and vice versa B) 7-day JR pass (Fukuoka to Sapporo) then airplane ¥9,800 (Sapporo to Fukuoka) C) Regular train fare (No JR pass see question 3) FUK to SAP then airplane ¥9,800 (Sapporo to Fukuoka) 2)