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  1. Hi there, My destination is Nagoya. If I take Narita express to Tokyo station and then take Shinkansen bullet train to Nagoya. 1)Can I use JR pass for hikari or kodama train (understand jr pass not available for Nozomi train) ? If not available for Jr pass, how much for the cost 2)Starting may 2020, if I have bigger luggage, I have to make seat reservation. Do I need to pay extra cost if using Jr pass? If yes, can go to jr ticket office for exchange ticket and pay seat reservation cost? After traveling Nagoya, I will be go to Yokohama, osanbashi pier. 3) can I take Shinkansen bullet train and stop at shin-Yokohama station and take metro to Osanbashi pier? 4) do I need to reserve the seat as well. Thanks