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  1. Greetings, I need to travel from Kyoto to Tokyo by train but have several oversized luggage pieces with me. Luggage: 1 x Rimowe Trunk - 60 lbs - 80cm L x 37cm D x 41cm W 2 x Pelican Cases - approx 25 lbs each - 56cm L x 23cm D x 36 cm W 1 x Tenda Case - 60 lbs - 27cm L x 27cm D x 99 cm W We don't mind paying for them, but I cannot seem to find out that we can take them or that we can pay for them to accompany. We are travelling from Canada and the trip to Tokyo will be on October 30 at night. I would like to pre-book and pre-pay if possible. If it is not possible, what is another option? Thanks so much, Mandy Kane