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  1. Maria

    Tokyo to hokkaido

    Hi, i think you should register your trip using J R line, ask where is the nearest J R office, should be at the tokyo station.
  2. Maria

    Tokyo to hokkaido

    hi Fenny, i am not so sure of it, but i am sure that you cannot buy the Shinkansen or JR line in Japan, you have to buy it in your country and have it register in Japan before using it, before registering the tickets you have to know where to go. I hope this information will help a little. Maria
  3. Maria

    Tokyo to hokkaido

    We plan to go to Hokkaido from tokyo by JR lines, we are arriving around 22:00 , do we have to stay overnight tokyo or we can take the overnight train, and also would like to go to Sapporo, can we use the JR pass to go and come back to Tokyo after a few days? Isort there any stops along tokyo to hokkaido? 4 of us are all seniors.