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  1. Great! Thank you answer all of my question and my trip to Kyoto is set!
  2. Thank you very much and appreciate it for sharing this information. I think the alternative are more convenient for us, since we would be staying near Shichijo Station Would the ticket for the following be on sale on Shichijo station? 1. Ohara / Yase 1-Day Ticket 2. Kurama / Kibune 1-Day Ticket 3. Hieizan 1-Day Ticket And what time would the employee posted arrives? Would you recommend the Kurama / Kibune 1-Day Ticket which cost 1,600 yen vs 1,380 yen via (Shichijo to Demachiyanagi, Demachiyanagi to Kibune, Kurama to Demachiyanagi and Demachiyanagi to Shichijo)
  3. Hello, May questions are the following 1.Kyoto Sightseeing One and Two-day Pass Card valid for the Kyoto buses are cream colored with red trimming to Ohara (number 17 or 18) 2. Kyoto Sightseeing One and Two-day Pass Card valid valid Mount Hiei 3. Mount Hiei which bus colored, number and time of departure from Kyoto Station