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  1. Hello, I would be grateful if you could help me with some questions. First, let me tell you about my rough itinerary: Day 1 - arrive in KIX, travel to Tennoji where I will be staying. Day 2 - sightseeing in Osaka Day 3 - travel to Kyoto (to see sakura blossoms) Day 4 - travel to Kyoto (shrines etc) Day 5 - travel to Nara Day 6 - travel to Himeji Day 7 - take train from Tennoji to KIX in the evening Question 1: Should I get the JR pass? What about the ICOCA-HARUKA pass? What is the relationship between the two and if they are different, what is the suggestion on which pass to use? Is there any other pass that is convenient to use? Question 2: Since the trains may be crowded, I would like to reserve a seat (because I have sciatica and standing for long periods of time is a problem for me). Can I buy reserved seats, or Green Car seats for my JR Pass (or any other pass)? Where do I go to get such a Pass or where to go to reserve the seats please? Question 3: I understand the JR pass does not cover subway trains. If I am correct, any suggestion on what pass to get for the subways for Kyoto and Osaka? Question 4: Does the JR pass cover travel on the Shinkansen? Are there any trains in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara that it does NOT cover? Many thanks for your help! And best wishes for health and happiness!