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  1. Hi, thanks for reply. May i know how long will it take for me to activated the JR pass ? If I purchase the JR pass online and come with a exchange order, then i ask my friends that will travel early before me to exhange the JR pass on behalf on me and make the overnight train reservation using my JR pass, is it possible? May i know i can make the reservation how many days in advance from the travel date for the overnight train? This JR pass is it only can be activated on the day where i want to start my journey with it or i can activate it like one month earlier and started my journey within the one month activation? By the way, may i know how frequent was the Shinkansen train? Can i directly take the train with my JR pass without any reservation? Will it possible that the seats all sold out ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Is it possible that i ask my friends who will visit japan end of February next year help me to make a reservation for mid of march for the overnight train seats over the counter without using the japan rail pass? Does my friends need to pay in advance for me entitled to make a reservation without my japan rail pass if yes did i get my money back when i show my japan rail pass on that travel date or my friends can make reservation for me without any payment need and just show up my japan rail pass itself on that travelling day? What i know from online was when I purchase the japan rail pass online they will send me something like exchange form and will only get my japan rail pass once I reach japan and the exchange form itself will not be able to make any reservation, is it true?Is there any information that needed for booking in advance eg. photocopy of my passport? Or is there have any other mode of transport for me to book using my JR pass on that day itself from osaka to tokyo around the evening 7pm or night? It might be a little trouble to me if cant make a reservation online as i need to book for the accommodation in advance by knowing the actual date. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, thanks for your reply, if the japan rail pass I bought it online throught klook website and collect it once i arrived in japan, is it possible for me to book the overnight train on the day itself? Eg. I’m going to arrive on the 19th of March about 1700hrs and collect my japan rail pass at the station and purchase the overnight train on that day itself from osaka to tokyo using my japan rail pass. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I’m here to clarify how to purchase online or make reservation online about the overnight train ticket. If i having a Japan rail pass do i still need to purchase the ticket or i can straight take the train without trouble ? Thanks in advance.