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  1. I'm very confused and hope to get your advise please. Summary of my 10 days trip is like this: Arrival at Kansai Airport - Rinku Premium Outlet - Osaka (5 days) - Kyoto (5 days) - Kansai Airport. My concern is going back to kansai airport from kyoto. My flight's departure time is 10.30am and i gotta take either the train or bus from kyoto station before 6.30am. I have searched Google map and West JR website and got the recommended results (pls refer pic). 1. By airport limousine bus = normal fare is 2550 yen. 2. By train + Haruka = normal fare is 2850 yen (pls refer pic). I have a Suica card and i was told i cannot buy the 1 way Haruka discount ticket from Kyoto station to airport at 1600 yen because i need to have ICOCA card. What if i buy the 1 way ICOCA + HARUKA set at 3600 yen (preloaded 1500 yen in ICOCA + 500 yen deposit); this means my non reserved haruka ticket is 1600 yen as compared with normal train fare 2850 yen. Can i do it this way? Sorry i got quite confused here and i am trying to see if i can save money on travelling back to kansai airport.