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  1. Hello Japan Station Forum,

    Need further help on Hokuriku Area Pass. I plan to go from Toyama to Takayama. Can I ride the Wide View Hida limited express with this Pass? 

    I understand this Pass valid for the journey from Toyama to Inotani only. If I allowed to ride the Wide View Hida Ltd Express, can I pay the fare from Inotani to Takayama when I arrive in Takayama station?

    Again thanks for your help

    Regards, Eddy

  2. Hello Japan Station Forum,

    I plan to visit Hokuriku area in November and plan to purchase  “Hokuriku Area Pass” (valid for 4 days).


    I plan to go to Takayama from Kanazawa via Toyama with my Hokuriku Area Pass.


    My question are:


    1. I understand this pass valid until Inotani only for my journey to Takayama from Kanazawa via Toyama. Is this correct?
    2. In Inotani station, I need to change with other train to Takayama and since my Pass not valid for this journey I need to purchase a ticket, if I am not mistaken 970 Yen. Is this correct?
    3. I understand the transit time in Inotani station for the next train is very short. So I need help the answer of these questions.  How do I purchase the ticket for the next train, I meant, can I use my SUICA card to enter the gate? Or should I buy the ticket at ticket booth. Would appreciate if I can get the information for the steps need to be taken after getting off from the first train.

    Appreciate any information you may provide.

    Best regards, Eddy

  3. Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, I will buy a regular ticket for non reserve seat for my journey from Kyoto to Tsuruga. For the remaining journey to Kanazawa, if it is asked by train conductor on board, I will show my Hokuriku Area Pass. 

    When I arrive in Kanazawa, I think, I should use manual gate to exit and show my Hokuriku Area Pass. I don’t need to exit from machine gate and just keep the regular ticket (kyoto-tsuruga) with me.

    Need your help to confirm if my understanding in second paragraph is correct.

    Again thank for your help.


  4. I am going from Kyoto station to Kanazawa station

    I owned Hokuriku Area Pass valid for “non reserve seat” , thunderbird train and starting from Tsuruga until Kanazawa only instead of starting from Kyoto station.

    Therefore I need to buy a ticket at Kyoto Station for my journey from Kyoto to Tsuruga.

    I will use my ticket (kyoto-tsuruga) to enter the gate at kyoto station and continue with the same train (unreserved seat) until Kanazawa. When I arrive at Kanazawa, I will use my Hokuriku Area Pass to exit the gate.

    My question is:

    can I stay in the same train without “exit the gate at Tsuruga and enter again using my pass” to continue my journey to Kanazawa?

    Appreciate your help