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  1. To travel from Nagoya to Shirakawa-go you will need to take a train (Limited Express Hida) to Takayama and a bus from Takayama to Shirakawa-go. It takes about 3 and a half hours. The regular Japan Rail Pass covers Limited Express Hida (Nagoya-Takayama), but not the bus. Limited Express Hida information: https://www.nagoyastation.com/the-limited-express-hida-for-gifu-gero-takayama-toyama/ Bus information (route bus): https://www.nouhibus.co.jp/route_bus/takayama-shirakawago-line-en/ (tour bus): https://japanbusonline.com/en/CourseDetail/index/12102010001 Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass covers both Limited Express Hida and the bus to Shirakawa-go: http://touristpass.jp/en/takayama_hokuriku/ There is also a direct bus from Nagoya to Shirakawa-go that may be faster, but it's not covered by any pass: http://www.gifubus.co.jp/highway/shirakawa/
  2. Shinkansen (bullet train) services between Shin-Osaka and Tokyo are very frequent (every 10-15 minutes). You will have no problem buying a ticket on the day of travel or a few days in advance after your arrival in Japan. You will find more information about buying shinkansen tickets on this page: https://www.osakastation.com/buying-shinkansen-tickets-at-shin-osaka-station/ Please note that you can buy shinkansen tickets at any JR ticket office in Japan, not only Shin-Osaka station.
  3. As far as we know, there is no luggage delivery counter right at the cruise ship pier. There is one at the nearby JR Sakuragicho Station: http://www.global-yamato.com/en/hands-free-travel/facilities/sakuragicho_station.html It is open from 9am to 9 pm.
  4. Yes, you can use the same ticket to take any JR train from Tennoji to Osaka station, as long as you don't exit the station when you make the transfer. We would recommend taking Kansai Airport Raid all the way from the airport to Osaka station. This way you don't need to make a transfer at Tennoji and it costs about the same. https://www.osakastation.com/jr-kansai-airport-line-kansai-airport-rapid-service/ You can get an ICOCA card from any JR ticket office or ticket machine in Osaka for the same price.
  5. The calculator suggests the cheapest option to cover the distance compared to the full cost of shinkansen trip. There is some room for improvement there. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  6. "Kansai Area Pass" you are referring to is only valid for: - Non-reserved seats on Kansai-airport Express HARUKA - Special Rapid Services, Rapid Services, and Local trains on JR-WEST Conventional lines It is NOT valid for any Shinkansen or Limited Express trains. You can take a Special Raid train from Kyoto to Himeji with this pass, it takes 92 minutes one way. https://www.kyotostation.com/jr-kyoto-line-for-osaka-sannomiya-himeji/ The nationwide "Japan Rail Pass" is valid for all trains, including Shinkansen (except Nozomi). https://www.japanstation.com/japan-rail-pass-discounted-travel-on-japan-railways/ If you plan to visit other places in Japan then nationwide Japan Rail Pass may be a good deal for you. If you only plan to visit Kyoto and Himeji by shinkansen a single ticket may be a better deal. This article explains the difference between shinkansen, limited express and rapid trains: https://www.japanstation.com/guide-to-rail-travel-in-japan/
  7. The bus stop for bus 205 is on the north side (Central Gate - Karasuma) of the station. You can find the bus stop layout map and bus routes on Kyoto City website: https://www2.city.kyoto.lg.jp/kotsu/webguide/en/bus/busstop_bunsetu.html Select "Kyoto Sta." from the drop down at the bottom.
  8. Tokyo Metropolitan Government disaster preparedness site is a good starting point: http://www.metro.tokyo.jp/ENGLISH/GUIDE/BOSAI/index.htm
  9. We don't have an estimate when the Nankai Koya line will be operational again. Please check Nankai Railway website for updates: http://www.howto-osaka.com/en/top.html
  10. Business Inn Sennichimae Hotel is near Nippombashi subway station, but this station is not on Midosuji line that is connected to Nankai Namba station. It will be easier to walk or take a taxi than to transfer to subway from Nankai Airport Express. Here are walking directions from Google maps (10 minutes): https://goo.gl/maps/rtz5i3HQzxC2
  11. You can visit the Lost & Found office at Sapporo station or any other JR Hokkaido station to inquire about your lost item. If it was found you can pick it up on your way back at Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto station. http://www2.jrhokkaido.co.jp/global/english/faq/faq09.html Contact JR Hokkaido Phone: 011-222-6130(9:00-17:00)
  12. Business Inn Sennichimae Hotel is located a few blocks north-east of Nankai Namba Station. https://goo.gl/maps/8TqjtHo1H132 Take Nankai Airport Express from Kansai Airport directly to Nankai Namba Station. https://www.osakastation.com/the-nankai-airport-line-the-airport-express-rapit-services-for-kansai-airport-namba/ Walking to the hotel from Nankai Namba Station will take around 15 minutes. If you have heavy luggage and prefer to take a taxi it will cost around 1000 yen.
  13. JR Nara Line for Tofukuji, Inari, Uji & Nara is the best way to go to both Inari and Nara. https://www.kyotostation.com/jr-nara-line-for-tofukuji-inari-uji-nara/ Please note that only Local trains stop at Inari station, Express doesn’t stop there. Going from Kyoto Station you will need to take a Local train to Inari, then Local train to Nara. Coming back from Nara you can take an Express train to Kyoto Station.
  14. Although you can use ICOCA card on Osaka subway, it is not sold at subway stations. You can get one at any JR station, including Kansai airport. Your 3-year-old niece doesn't need a card, infants under 6-years-old travel for free. IC cards (ICOCA, Pasmo, Suica) in Japan can be used in any region in Japan. In Kansai region you can use an ICOCA card for all transportation in Osaka and Kyoto, and to travel between nearby cities: Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara. You can find more information about IC cards in this article: https://www.japanstation.com/japans-prepaid-transportation-cards-ic-cards/
  15. You will find the answers to your questions on this page - Kyoto Station luggage storage: https://www.kyotostation.com/kyoto-station-lockers-luggage-storage/
  16. Shibuya station south exit is near the bus station. Hachiko is on the north side of the station (North exit). https://www.shibuyastation.com/shibuya-station-map-finding-your-way/ https://goo.gl/maps/kUoALmYq2hn
  17. Going from Osaka Station you can take the Osaka Loop line to Shin-Imamiya Station and transfer to the Yamatoji Line to JR Namba Station. All covered by the JR Pass. https://www.osakastation.com/the-osaka-loop-line/ https://www.osakastation.com/the-jr-yamatoji-line-and-the-yamatoji-rapid-service-for-nara-tennoji-and-namba/
  18. You can find the schedule on Osaka to Takayama via Kanazawa route on Hyperdia in two steps: First, Osaka to Kanazawa (select Thunderbird limited express) http://www.hyperdia.com/cgi/en/search.html?dep_node=OSAKA&arv_node=KANAZAWA&via_node01=&via_node02=&via_node03=&year=2018&month=02&day=26&hour=12&minute=00&search_type=1&search_way=&transtime=undefined&sort=0&max_route=5&faretype=0&ship=off&sprnozomi=off&lmlimit=null&search_target=route&facility=reserved&sum_target=7 09:12 - 11:58 LTD. EXP THUNDERBIRD 11 Second, Kanazawa to Takayama http://www.hyperdia.com/cgi/en/search.html?dep_node=KANAZAWA&arv_node=TAKAYAMA&via_node01=&via_node02=&via_node03=&year=2018&month=02&day=26&hour=12&minute=00&search_type=0&search_way=&transtime=undefined&sort=0&max_route=5&faretype=0&ship=off&lmlimit=null&search_target=route&facility=reserved&sum_target=7 12:28 - 12:51 SHINKANSEN TSURUGI 710 (Kanazawa to Toyama) 13:02 - 14:31 LTD. EXP (WIDE VIEW) HIDA 14 (Toyama to Takayama)
  19. Takayama-Hokuriku Tourist Pass does not cover JR Hida #25 or #36 between Osaka and Takayama. You can use this pass to travel from Osaka to Takayama via Kanazawa only. A full nationwide Japan Rail Pass does cover JR Hida #25 or #36.
  20. Unfortunately, our Japan Rail Pass calculator doesn’t include all the destinations in Japan, only the most popular ones. Traveling from Nagano to Iiyama on regular lines and Hokuriku Shinkansen is covered by the Japan Rail Pass. You can find the cost on Hyperdia and add it to the JR Pass calculator total.
  21. The best way to travel from Kansai Airport to Namba area (close to Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi) is Nankai Airport Express to Nankai Namba station: https://www.osakastation.com/the-nankai-airport-line-the-airport-express-rapit-services-for-kansai-airport-namba/ There are lots of coin lockers around Nankai Namba station, if your luggage doesn't fit in a locker, there is also a luggage storage facility nearby: https://www.osaka-info.jp/en/facilities/cat37/luggage_storage_osaka_namba.html Going to Kyoto from Namba you will need to take the Midosuji subway line to Umeda (connected to Osaka Station) or Shin-Osaka station and take a JR train to Kyoto from there. https://www.osakastation.com/the-midosuji-subway-line/
  22. Normally traveling from Kansai Airport to Koyasan takes about 2 hours via Nankai Airport Express and Nankai Koya Line Express. Some areas of Nankai Koya Line and the cable car are currently not accessible because of typhoon damage in 2017 and there is a substitute bus service running from Hashimoto to Koyasan station. Taking the substitute bus can extend the journey time by 1 to 2 hours. You can find more information about the substitute bus service here: http://www.nankaikoya.jp/en/images/pdf/for_passengers_201711.pdf Traveling from Osaka to Mount Koya (Koyasan) https://www.osakastation.com/traveling-from-osaka-to-mount-koya-koyasan/ Returning from Koyasan you can take the substitute bus to Hashimoto Station and Nankai Koya Line to Namba Station, which is close to Dotonbori.
  23. If you are not taking Shinkansen the easiest will probably be to take a bus from Disneyland to Shinjuku (about 1 hour) and take a Spacia Kinugawa Limited Express to Nikko. However, Spacia Kinugawa from Shinjuku only runs four times per day (7:30, 10:30, 13:00 and 17:30 on weekdays) Full schedule If this does not fit your schedule you can take a local train with two subway transfers to Tobu Asakusa station (about 30 minutes but will involve some walking to make the transfers) and take a limited express train from there. http://www.hyperdia.com/cgi/en/search.html?dep_node=MAIHAMA&arv_node=ASAKUSA(TOBU%2FSUBWAY)&via_node01=&via_node02=&via_node03=&year=2018&month=04&day=06&hour=16&minute=00&search_type=0&search_way=&transtime=undefined&sort=0&max_route=5&faretype=0&ship=off&sprexprs=off&sprnozomi=off&lmlimit=null&search_target=route&facility=reserved&sum_target=7 Express trains from Tobu Asakusa station to Nikko run more frequently. Returning from Nikko to Shinjuku Spacia Kinugawa Limited Express is the best option. https://www.japanstation.com/traveling-from-tokyo-to-nikko/
  24. After activating your JR Pass you can make seat reservations at any JR ticket office at any JR station in advance or on the day of travel. At Hakodate station JR ticket office and Twinkle Plaza are next door to each other (green sign is the ticket office and pink is the Twinkle Plaza)
  25. Shinkansen fares consist of base fare, express surcharge and reserved seat charge. Base fare and express surcharge are mandatory for all shinkansen rides, reserved seat charge is optional. Base fare covers point-to-point travel on local trains (slow commuter trains). It is possible to travel from Osaka to Hiroshima on local trains, but it will take significantly longer than shinkansen and involve several transfers. Faster limited express and shinkansen train fares require an express surcharge to be added to the base fare. For more details please refer to the "Reserved seats and tickets" section of our Guide to Rail Travel in Japan: https://www.japanstation.com/guide-to-rail-travel-in-japan/