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  1. Chuo Line Rapid Service is the fastest connection between Tokyo Station to Shinjuku. https://www.shinjukustation.com/jr-chuo-sobu-line-for-takao-mitaka-nakano-akihabara-ryogoku-tokyo/
  2. You can take the subway Midosuji line from Shin-Osaka to Namba. It’s not covered by JR Pass but it’s only 280 yen ($2.50)
  3. JR Pass doesn’t cover subway. Limited Express Haruka connects Kansai Airport to Kyoto and it’s covered by JR Pass: https://www.kyotostation.com/traveling-between-kyoto-and-kansai-international-airport/
  4. The fastest way to travel from Osaka-Namba to Kyoto is to take the subway Midosuji line to Umeda (Osaka Station) and take an express train to Kyoto from there. You can find more information on this page: https://www.osakastation.com/traveling-from-osaka-to-kyoto/
  5. You can take Tokaido Shinkansen line from Kyoto to Tokyo. https://www.kyotostation.com/the-tokaido-shinkansen/
  6. Tokaido Shinkansen line goes from Tokyo to Osaka and it's covered by JR Pass. You can find more information on this page: https://www.osakastation.com/the-tokaido-shinkansen-for-kyoto-nagoya-tokyo/
  7. The JR Hokkaido bus website is only available in Japanese: http://www.jrhokkaidobus.com/sp/ There are several English language sites listed on this page that may be helpful in your research: https://highway-bus.jnto.go.jp/en/
  8. The fastest way to travel from KIX to Nankai Namba is by Nankai Airport Express Rapi:t. This train has dedicated luggage space. It is not covered by JR Pass. https://www.osakastation.com/the-nankai-airport-line-the-airport-express-rapit-services-for-kansai-airport-namba/ If you choose to take a bus you can find the schedule for the bus to OCAT on this site: https://www.kansai-airport.or.jp/en/access/bus/ For general information regarding traveling between Osaka and Kansai International Airport visit: https://www.osakastation.com/traveling-between-osaka-and-kansai-international-airport/
  9. Kansai One Pass is just a special version of ICOCA card. Both Suica and ICOCA are accepted all over Japan. Kansai Thru Pass is similar to JR Pass, but offers unlimited travel on non-JR railways in Kansai region for a set number of days. You can use either ICOCA or Suica to travel from Osaka to Shugakuin. Both are accepted on Keihan and Eizan lines. You can find more information about IC cards here: https://www.japanstation.com/japans-prepaid-transportation-cards-ic-cards/ Eizan Line: https://www.kyotostation.com/the-eizan-electric-railway-for-kibune-kurama-mount-hiei/ Keihan Line: https://www.osakastation.com/the-keihan-main-line-traveling-to-kyoto-from-yodoyabashi-station/
  10. Sanyo Shinkansen between Shin-Osaka and Hiroshima is currently operating on schedule. You can find the latest status on the JR West website: http://global.trafficinfo.westjr.co.jp/en/sanyo
  11. http://www.kate.co.jp/en/timetable/detail/UH
  12. It is a good idea to buy the bus ticket in advance. For more information about Chuo Bus visit: http://teikan.chuo-bus.co.jp/en/
  13. You will need to buy a ticket for the Chuo Bus. From Sapporo to Otaru you can use a Kitaca card. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitaca
  14. You can take an airport bus to Hotel Nikko, it's very close to Arrow Hotel, or take Nankai Airport Express to Namba and walk or taxi from there. You can find the hotel location on this map: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Arrow+Hotel/@34.6709291,135.4987161,15z/data=!4m7!3m6!1s0x0:0x4cf6e4ed02170dc1!5m1!1s2018-07-10!8m2!3d34.6709291!4d135.4987161
  15. Kintetsu Nara Line Rapid Exp. for KINTETSUNARA is not covered by the Japan Rail Pass. On Hyperdia you can uncheck "Private Railway" in search options to select only JR lines that are covered by the Japan Rail Pass.
  16. Nankai KOYASAN World Heritage Ticket is only valid for return trips within 2 days. https://www.howto-osaka.com/en/ticket/ticket/koyasan.html If you are planning to stay for 4 days we suggest buying one way tickets from Nankai Namba to Koyasan and from Koyasan back to Nankai Namba. You can find more information about Nankai Koya line on this page: https://www.osakastation.com/the-nankai-koya-line-for-koyasan-mount-koya/
  17. There are some delays expected for the next few days. Most trains lines are operating. The subway is operating. You can find more information about the status of JR Lines: http://global.trafficinfo.westjr.co.jp/en/kinki JR Express Trains: http://global.trafficinfo.westjr.co.jp/en/express
  18. There is an elevator and several escalators. Here is a map: http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/stations/e808.html
  19. The train will be displayed as “Kansai Airport Rapid Service” The destination will be Kyobashi or Tennoji (after a full loop, including a stop at Bentencho). You don’t need to change trains at Tennoji station. You can find more information about the Kansai Airport Rapid service in this article (Traveling from Kansai Airport section): https://www.osakastation.com/jr-kansai-airport-line-kansai-airport-rapid-service/
  20. You can use Hyperdia to plan your trip. Here is an itinerary from Sapporo to Tokyo (Shimbashi) with 2 transfers. Time: 505 Minutes. Distance: 1165.2 km Total cost:¥ 26,820 http://www.hyperdia.com/en/cgi/en/search.html?dep_node=SAPPORO(JR)&arv_node=SHIMBASHI&via_node01=&via_node02=&via_node03=&year=2018&month=10&day=04&hour=06&minute=17&search_type=0&search_way=&transtime=undefined&sort=0&max_route=5&faretype=0&airplane=off&ship=off&lmlimit=null&search_target=route&facility=reserved&sum_target=7
  21. You can buy a ticket for this train at any JR ticket office in Japan, including Narita and Kansai airports. The tickets are usually available a few days in advance, unless it's a holiday season. We'd advise you to buy the tickets as soon as you arrive in Japan.
  22. Generally train stations in Japan close after the last train at nigh for cleaning and maintenance. You will not be able to stay at the station overnight. There is a comfortable business hotel located right next to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto station: https://www.hakodatestation.com/hotels-near-shin-hakodate-hokuto-station/ If you continue to Hakodate station you will find a wider choice of hotels for an overnight stay: https://www.hakodatestation.com/hotels-near-hakodate-station/
  23. "No stopover permitted" means that you can't exit along the way and then re-enter Nankai line to continue to the final destination (Namba). You can exit at any station and transfer to any other line. After you exit at Tengachaya station you will need to pay the subway fare separately.
  24. Tennoji is a major train station. There are many lockers throughout the station. During the day you can also store luggage at Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store Foreign Customer’s Salon.
  25. Standard Large size lockers are 868 mm height x 355 mm width x 645 mm depth. You can find more information about lockers at Nagoya Station in this article: https://www.nagoyastation.com/nagoya-station-information-facilities/