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  1. You are generally allowed to take a bicycle on a train provided it's disassembled (wheels removed) and packed in a bag. You shouldn't have a problem taking a packed bike on the airport train as it has special luggage space.



    JR rules for luggage state there shall be no charge for:
    Bicycles for use in cycling or sporting events if the bicycle is disassembled and placed in a bicycle carrying bag, or if the bicycle is a folding bicycle that has been folded and placed in a bicycle carrying bag.


  2. The best way to travel from Kyoto directly to Kansai airport is the Haruka Limited Express train.

    On March 8th Haruka Limited Express operates at the following times that may be convenient for you:

    LTD. EXP HARUKA 25 - Depart Kyoto 13:15 - Arrive Kansai Airport 14:34

    LTD. EXP HARUKA 27 - Depart Kyoto 14:15 - Arrive Kansai Airport 15:34

    The seats cannot be reserved online, but there shouldn't be a problem buying reserved seats the day before or on the day of travel.

    For more details about Haruka Limited Express take a look at our Kyoto - Kansai Airport transport article: http://www.kyotostation.com/traveling-between-kyoto-and-kansai-international-airport/


  3. Yes, you can use your Suica card or any other IC card to pay the train fare from Sapporo to Otaru. The fare is 640 yen one way.

    Sapporo to Otaru line is served by local train with all non-reserved seats and by Rapid Airport train with reserved and non-reserved seats.

    It's not necessary to get a reserved seat on this route as the trains are rarely full and have plenty of non-reserved seats.

  4. The largest coin lockers in Kyoto Station measure 1200×355×575(mm) and cost 700 yen for one day's use. If this is not big enough for your luggage you can store luggage in the station Baggage Room which is located directly under the north central ticket gates (B1). These cost 420 yen per item for one day's storage. See our article on Lockers & Luggage Storage for details: http://www.kyotostation.com/kyoto-station-lockers-luggage-storage/