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  1. It is possible to travel from Narita to Hokkaido in one day. You will need to take Narita Express to Tokyo Station and transfer to Hokkaido Shinkansen to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto.

    You can find the schedule on Hyperdia: http://www.hyperdia.com/cgi/en/search.html?dep_node=TOKYO&arv_node=SHIN-HAKODATE-HOKUTO&via_node01=&via_node02=&via_node03=&year=2020&month=09&day=06&hour=09&minute=00&search_type=0&search_way=&transtime=undefined&sort=0&max_route=5&faretype=0&airplane=off&ship=off&lmlimit=null&search_target=route&facility=reserved&sum_target=7

    Please note that the Shikansen arrives at Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto station near Hakodate city. Traveling to Sapporo takes another 3-4 hours.

    Please refer to this article for more information about Hokkaido Shinkansen – Traveling from Tokyo to Sapporo


  2. At the moment there is no reservation service for oversized luggage. There will be special luggage area on shinkansen trains with reservations starting from May 2020.

    You can find more information in this article: https://matcha-jp.com/en/7887?type=news

    We suggest using a luggage delivery service:


    Your hotel or a tourist information counter can assist you with sending your luggage. From Kyoto to Tokyo luggage is usually delivered on the next day.

  3. Kanazawa Station is not very complex to navigate. 8 minutes is enough to transfer from Ltd. Exp. Thunderbird to Shinkansen if you don't make any stops along the way. Look for the "Transfer Gate" from between local lines and the shinkansen platforms. Please refer to this article for station layout and transfer details: https://www.kanazawastation.com/kanazawa-station-map-finding-your-way/

    With a JR pass you can book seats any time after activating the pass. We recommend booking seats a few days in advance. This can be done at any JR ticket office in Japan.


  4. On 10/1/2019 at 8:53 AM, Maria Gerni Gementiza said:

    hello  this is our first time to travel to osaka japan   i am confused   from kansai station how do we get to the hotel?

    by train    

    by bus  

    estimated time of arrival of plane in osaka  is 7 00 pm  plus immigration processes   will take how long  

    which budget/ economical/ cheap hotel  would you recommend

    Please refer to out guide to Traveling Between Osaka and Kansai International Airport


  5. The trains run all day on January 1st. The few days around the New Year are a busy travel season in Japan.

    The tickets go on sale one month in advance. You can make reservations at any JR ticket office in Japan. We recommend booking your tickets with reserved seats as early as possible after your arrival in Japan.

    If you are from: United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia or Thailand you can also use this app to make reservations online in advance: https://smart-ex.jp/en/






  6. 12 hours ago, Ariesjon1804 said:

    Hi. I will visit japan on feb '20

    Will arrive in tokyo. Planing visit fuji and play snowboard in yuzawa and last going to osaka. Then going back from nagoya chubu airport.

    If i buy jrpass is it worth?


    It depends on how many days you are planning to stay and how many trips on JR you are going to take.

    You can use our Japan Rail Pass calculator to find a pass that will work for you: https://www.japanstation.com/japan-rail-pass-value-calculator/

  7. 2 hours ago, Manda_panda said:

    Can anyone please tell me the best place to get a taxi to drop me at Tokyo station to catch the Narita express? I will have a bicycle and other luggage. Thanks 

    Any taxi drop off area at Tokyo Station will be about the same distance. Narita Express departs from one of underground platforms. Be prepared to take a few escalators underground. The path to Narita Express is clearly marked from all entrances.